They Say It’s Your Birthday

His clients and friends love him. Custom-drawn picture for his brithday this past Saturday.

Yesterday was Tim’s 38th birthday.  I am pleased to say that he has made it through his 37th year just fine, and despite the fact that he has been calling himself an old bastard and insisted and taking a cane to dinner, he survived the big 38.

Couple of Fun Facts About Tim:

  • He hosts karaoke for a prominent company in Charlotte.  During his shows, he goes by TRY. He is one of the absolute best KJs in the southeast, is always fair, entertaining and dedicated to his job.  He is also a fantastic performer, and I really enjoy singing duets with him.  But then this is also how we met, over a microphone.
  • He doesn’t really have a favorite color.  If you ever ask him, he will reply with “Of what?”  Then he can give you his favorite color of eyes, car, fruit, whatever.
  • He is obsessed with Rush and The Beatles.  The first time I started asking around about him, one of my friends said “He loves Rush.”  I had no idea who the band was.  Now after a couple of months of dating this guy, I am not yet a huge fan but I really have a fondness for Geddy Lee.  And The Beatles, well, let’s just say I melt when Tim plays “Yesterday” on the guitar for me.
  • We have the record for longest game of 20 Questions, ever.  We started back last October during a walk in the park.  It continued until maybe December or January.  We know each other more than most married couples do.
  • The guy is a huge movie buff.  He has this newfangled gadget called an Apple TV, that is able to hold and stream media.  I think he told me he has over 1000 movies, television shows, and concerts in his Apple TV.  My jaw actually hits the floor when he says he doesn’t have it in the system.
  • He has the sweetest dog on the planet, Ringo (don’t know where he got that idea).  Ringo is the best cuddle buddy in the world! 
  • He is an epic cook!  The very first meal he made for me was a homemade manicotti.  He even made the noodles himself. Major dedication.  He safeguards the recipe, and won’t let me have it unless there is a ring on my finger.  He has also sworn me to secrecy on his pulled pork barbecue sandwiches and a beautiful dessert I call the Swiss Colony Cake Log.
  • He is honest to a fault.  Tim is a great judge of character and doesn’t spare feelings or “mix words” as he says.  If you ask, he will give an honest answer.  It’s a quality I admire, especially since for the longest time I wasn’t being honest with myself.  He tells me “I love you” and I genuinely know he means it.

So, that’s the 411 on “the new guy.”  He gets to meet my dad this week.  He has already met mom.  She has given him the thumbs up.  Here’s hoping for a good outcome right?


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