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Happy Thursday to all!  Today will be double post day, since I totally slacked off…or didn’t slack off at work so I could actually get some stuff done at the office.  With the Christmas season here and kicking me to get stuff done like a nagging 4 year old, I have compiled some of my absolute favorite pins, all of which can be found on my Pinterest page.  You can follow the links to get these and more great ideas!

If you have kids, this pin is awesome!  I remember coming out of my room Christmas morning with a pillow over my head, because I didn’t want to see the surprises Santa had laid out under the tree without my little sister in tow.  With this idea, the kids can run through the streamers and out into the living room to the Santa palooza.  Makes them feel like rockstars.  And it’s inexpensive, but it will provide your kids with memories that will last a lifetime.

On Christmas Eve my mom would snuggle up next to my sister and I and read us a Christmas story of our choosing.  This pin makes it so your kids get to feel like they are unwrapping a Christmas present early, and this functions as a fun little advent calendar alternative. Wrap 25 children’s books, and put them under the tree.  Have your kids go to the tree and pick one out to read that night.

There’s nothing more special than A List to Santa from your child.  Have your child “rough draft” a list to Santa before they write out the actual letter.  Keep it and put it in a clear glass ornament and paint the year on the side.

I can’t enough of the Elf on the Shelf.  True, this can be a source of annoyance for Facebook users who don’t have kids, but I can’t wait to have my own child who I can traumatize into good behavior.  This pin has 101 great ideas…this will last you 3-4 years with the kids, depending on when you bring the elf out of hiding.  Pretty sweet.

The printables are self-explanatory.  You print them up and put them in a frame! This is free Christmas decor if you already have the frames.

This isn’t a printable as much as something to print off to keep with you while you’re shopping for stocking stuffers.

I love, love, love this!  I bought my first live Christmas tree in years this past Sunday, and I have the sawed off end of the tree to keep as an ornament.  Since this is Tim’s and my first Christmas together (and I never intend on letting him go), I am going to take this beautiful pin and customize it to something that will be meaningful to the two of us.

I used to paint ornaments as Christmas gifts for family friends as well as mom’s clients.  I love this ornament, and it’s so easy to make.  Buy a box of 6 and you can include this ornament with a baked gift. Or just make one for your own tree, and get crazy with the mustache designs!

My mom has a box of recipes that are out of control.  This past Thanksgiving, I remember rifling through the box, and in exasperation saying, “Woman, I am going to make you a recipe book!”  This year, I believe I am going to do just that.  Keep the recipes that were written by my grandmother in original form, but geez, get some organization going.

This is great for something to do after Christmas dinner. These are called crackers.  You pull on the ends and out pops a little gift and usually a paper hat.  I got hooked on them after reading Harry Potter.  I have my own set on my table right now, and these are simple to make.

If you have leftover Christmas tree boughs, and you’re not a big fan of making a wreath, here is the lazy alternative, which has a gorgeous impact.  Hang a few treasured mementos from the branch and you have a unique wreath substitute.

I have an empty record bowl in my living room, and I stumbled upon this pin while trying to figure out a sweet way to fill it.  These are wooden disks covered with felt to look like Christmas cookies.  Through a sprig of evergreen and you have a lovely display!

This is easy.  Cinnamon butter mixture and crescent rolls.  And voila, your house will smell of Christmas and your family’s bellies will be full.  You might have to make more than one batch. I have a feeling these will be in demand.

Hosting or going to a cookie party this season?  Bring these witty and tasty melted snowmen cookies with you!  Your friends will be “oo-ing” over the clever idea and “mm-ing” over the deliciousness that is this cookie.

I am a sucker for red velvet.  These whoopie pies look soooooo good, I am actually salivating.  Anyone want to bake these for me?  Please?

I also have a weakness for cupcakes.  Just ask my friends from Tuesday night. I about knocked someone over trying to get to the last funfetti cupcake. I came back afterwards and I apologized.  The person is fine and is not pressing chrages (phew) but I have a serious problem.  These peppermint chocolate cupcakes look amazing, and will definitely be a sweet finish to the Christmas dinner.

Hope you enjoyed browsing.  Link up with my on Pinterest!  I would love to see some of your ideas.  Want to try any of these pins?  Or have tried them and want to give me your feedback?  Leave a comment in the box below!


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