A Little Treehouse Christmas

I was biting at the bit to get the house decorated for Christmas this year.  Mom and I went hardcore day-after-Christmas shopping last year, and the results were awesome.  I got pretty much everything at 75% off!  You just can’t beat deals like that.  I honestly think that the day after Christmas is a more fun Black Friday for shoppers.  And then you get to pack your goodies away for the year. By the time you are ready to open your decoration boxes, you have forgotten what you bought, so it is like having an early Christmas present to yourself.  I squealed like a five year old bringing these boxes down from my parent’s attic.

I can actually remember the state of mind I was in while hunting for Christmas deals last year.

  1. I was sure I would be engaged by now.
  2. I was going to be living in a bigger house.

But I am happy to say that some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.  I am happily still “single” and still living it up in the Treehouse.  I don’t think I want to move.  I want to live here forever.  Especially now that my house looks so pretty during the holidays! I was a little worried I wasn’t going to be able to fit everything in, but it works together nicely.  I even have enough room for more stuff next year.  Yeah, I am already planning on it.  Without further Ado, the Treehouse Christmas tour (insert angels playing trumpets here)

The living room has been rearranged a little bit.  I had to move to coffee table to the guest room until further notice, because the tree was encroaching on it.  The tree, by the way,  is gorgeous!  I found it at the Home Depot for only $60.  It comes in at 9 ft. tall, and smells divine.

In the coffee table’s stead, I found this little console table (which I am pretty sure used to be a kitchen cabinet) at the complex “dump.”  You know me, I saw it, cleaned it up outside and brought it right in.  It fits beautifully, and I already have some ideas for it once the holidays are over.

I temporarily took down the mirror on the wall next to the sofa and exchanged it for a wreath I made myself.  I bought the wreath last year, added a few silver and gold ornaments, and a little bit of ribbon.  I ripped the idea from a Pier 1 catalog last year.  The wreath was selling for somewhere north of $50.  I made this for about $7.  Can’t beat that.

I added a few printables to the frames on the wall, as well.   I am building up quite a collection.  The “Keep Calm” printable I actually found on a website for “Worst Keep Calms of All Time.”  I don’t know…I actually like it.  Thoughts?

Moving from the living room to the dining room, I added a table cloth I bought from Target. It is rectangular in shape (apparently last year I thought I would have a farm house table), but it fits well enough.  I might do some creative sewing before I put it away for the year.  I took down my favorite dishes from Pier 1, little red birds and put them on glass chargers (also from Pier 1).  I then put a simple gold gift box in the center of the table and added a few Christmas crackers…also from…you guessed it, Pier 1.

The bar area is my favorite, though.  The coziness of the fireplace, along with the garland and Merry and Bright art really make this room so warm and inviting.

The mantle display is a hodge-podge of things I have collected over the past few Christmases.  The main difference this year is the addition of a musical stocking for Tim.  He told me he hasn’t had a stocking for years.  I felt bad, so I made him one.  Maddie has her little stocking, as well.

One more shot of the Merry and Bright sign.  This was probably my favorite project this year.  So easy to make.

The wet bar looks so sexy, you guys.  The bell garland has been in my family since I was a little girl, and it actually plays Christmas carols.  I just need to add a few batteries, and the music may commence!

I didn’t forget about the kitchen.  The table runner I found at Pier 1 (geez, I need to find another store or buy stock in the company, one of the two), and I made these easy paper Christmas trees out of scrapbook paper last year.  They survived the summer.  Those trees are sturdier than the one that survived Hurricane Sandy and is now standing at the Rockefeller Center.

Each year, I hang cookie cutters from the photo wall.  I always love the way it turns out.  The rose was a gift from Tim.  He made it for me a few weeks ago at Lucky Lou’s out of a napkin.  It’s not a bouquet of roses…I think it’s better.  The serving dish which is on display was a gift from a Secret Santa last year.  I love it!

How are you decorating the house for Christmas this year?  I want to hear about it!


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