Will insurance cover the pricy Christmas gifts?

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presents under treeIf your house is anything like ours, it is filled with boxes, wrappings, bows and other remnants of a wonderful season of giving. But as you put away the decorations and tidy up the tree, it’s time to take stock of this year’s stash of holiday gifts.

If Grandma sent you a Snuggie or Cousin Lou re-gifted a DVD of Olympic highlights, then you’re probably okay to do what you wish with these delightful treasures. But if you are the recipient of something of greater value – an engagement ring, an original Andy Warhol, a signed Beatles album or a deer-hunting rifle, it’s time to call your insurance agent.

Most personal possessions are covered under your homeowners’ policy, but there are limitations on insurance coverage in certain categories. Anything of significant value in the categories of jewelry, artwork, collectibles or firearms may need extra coverage so they…

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Too cute. Had to share

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For a minute there….I thought I was a goner. Turns out I was just zoning from absolute boredom. No worries….I’m back. 😉 Let’s keep the laughs rolling shall we?

Have any of you seen these texts from ‘dogs’? The more I read them the more they make me giggle.














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