Our First Christmas Ornament

Happy Tuesday!  I am feeling infinitely better today.  No more bah humbugs to speak of.  In fact, I am joyous today.  Giddy even.  Why is this?  Because this Christmas is the first of many with my guy.  We went out together and bought our first tree, requesting the bottom part of it to be kept aside so I could make something of it: a custom wood-burned ornament.

Let the wood piece sit for a while before you burn in to it.  I let it sit for a week.  Even then, there was still some sap on the edges.  Pick a great design and draw it onto the piece.


I got a woodburner from Michael’s craft store for under $17.  Not bad.  There were four different points that came with it that could be switched out to fit my needs.  Also, very sweet. I will have to use it for more stuff than just once a year ornaments.   Not going to lie, I got a little woodburner happy.


I went around the design with little “dots.”  I felt like I was back in art class doing a pointillism piece.  Very easy to do.  Main thing is to make sure you hold the actual pen lightly.  It gets a little hot.


All done (with the exception of the two end dots on the bass clef)!  My friend Chanssee pointed that out.  On that note, I have decided to name her my project editor.  I need an extra set of eyes from the outside to make sure all the loose ends have been knotted, especially when it comes to my projects where I have a glass of wine during the process.


I flipped the piece over and put Tim’s and my names in.  Also very easy.  Not to mention, the sweet smoky smell of the pine burning is very therapeutic.


On the tree!  Happy Holidays!  How do you celebrate each new Christmas with your love?



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