And I Was Doing So Well!

All this past week, I have been sick.  I haven’t really gotten over my coughing fits yet and my taste buds are still convinced everything tastes just awful.  That’s my favorite part of getting sick; I dropped 5 pounds in 4 days.  Of course, it wasn’t just the sickness, but it was also implementing a low-carb and sugar meal plan over the past few days.  I wasn’t hungry, I lost weight, my clothes started feeling better and honestly I started feeling better.

There is something about the holidays though that turns me from a well-tuned machine of “no, I don’t need that cookie” into “ermahgerd, I munna eat all the cookies!”  My parents had their annual Christmas party last night, and mom pulled out all the stops food wise.  Not to mention I think I drained half a bottle of wine and two cups of apple cider.  I was terrified to get on the scale this morning for fear my body caught on to every single carb, alcohol, and sugar I ingested and is now holding on for dear life.  Yay for insulin levels sky-rocketing!


So, I went to the internet to look up tips on preventing the holiday bulge:

  • Eat before the party.  I have this little rule now that if I am not hungry, I just don’t eat.  So, eating before the party should dial back the urges to grab a plate and fill it to the brim with taco dip, cake, and that strange cheese ball that isn’t really good but hey, you’ll eat anything right now, you’re so hungry.
  • Stay away from the buffet.  People tend to congregate around the food.  But if you position yourself on the couch or out a ways from that area, you’re less likely to pop meatballs in your mouth while you talk.
  • Brush your teeth.  Everyone knows food and alcohol tastes like crap in a just cleaned mouth.  Brushing your teeth before you go out will deter you from snacking from the moment you hit the door and it will definitely help with your social skills (thumb’s up).
  • Drink water.  Get a pretty little glass and add a lemon or lime garnish to make it sexy.  If anyone asks you can say it’s a gin and tonic.
  • One and done rule.  You don’t have to punish yourself, just don’t go overboard.  If you see something you really want to taste, have one.  But after that, just tell yourself you’re done.  One and done.

What do you do to to prevent the holiday weight gain?  I need tips!

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