Let Me Entertain You

This past weekend was, in a word, exhausting.  Mom and I had back to back closings all day Friday, and she was a little emotional from one in particular who she had become very close with.  He was a wonderful man, who gave her so much more than many clients do, and they really grew a strong bond during the listing process.  That’s one thing I love about working with my mom.  We have always been in the business of people and making sure said people find the homes of their dreams or that they move on with their lives as easily as possible.  But there are those select clients that we build relationships with and they make this often crazy job worth working.  When he left town on Friday, I had to keep up with everything at the office and get ready for family coming in for the weekend.

After that, I had the privilege of kicking back with a cup of coffee with Ryan.  He is doing very well, and he even offered to help me move the behemoth of the old television he let me have after our break up.  The thing literally weighs about as much as I do.  It took the both of us to carry it down the stairs to the community dumpster, and we attached a note to it that read “This TV works. Heavy!!!! Merry Christmas!”  Sure enough, it was snatched up by morning.

With all the insanity of carrying that TV out over, I was able to work on (finally) putting together my entertainment center.  I found these broken out kitchen cabinets downstairs in my neighbors’ front “yard.”  I asked if I could keep a few and they were more than happy to let me haul two of the cabinets up the stairs and into my condo.


I am going to go out on a limb here and call this the “Before” shot.  The entertainment center is “technically” free, with the exception of the IKEA Expedit Shelving unit I got last year for $39.99. The best part is the cabinets are almost as tall as the Expedit shelves, so getting a little “countertop to even it all up should not be too difficult.  This is the big project for the week, since I am having a cookie party on Sunday and I really want to have this mess cleaned up by then.

So, things that need to be done by this weekend on the entertainment unit.

  • Knock to the nails on the sides of the cabinets
  • Get two shelves for the inside of the second cabinet
  • Sand, prime, and paint cabinets
  • Get countertop measured and placed on cabinets
  • Get storage bins for undesirable articles

This is where I need your help…should I paint the cabinets the same white as the Expedit shelf or should I paint everything a grey or yellow?  Maybe I should play with paint and see what happens.  But any thoughts you have, let me know.

Happy Monday, all!


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