Merry Christ-Moose Wrap Up!

Hello all! It’s back to the grindstone for this blogger. Yesterday, I really was just NOT feeling it. I had what I like to call “the itis,” and, while many of you have no idea what that is, chances are you have felt it before. It usually sets in the night of too much eating and drinking and lasts until the next day, leaving you feeling burnt out, flabby, and sore on the sides of your body. I have no idea what’s up witht he soreness…I think it has something to do with my stomach getting too full in the front so it decides to spread outward. Odd. Even moreso odd, however, was the number the smiled up at me from the scale this morning (yeah, I am a badass for braving that). I was expecting a resounding 140, which would lead to my ultimate self-loathing. But I was happily mistaken. I had to get off the scale and try again when I saw the 133.6. The number gave an encore. So, heck yes! I actually LOST weight during the holidays. We will chalk it up to a Christmas miracle, mmkay? And yes, you may hate me. I hate me for busting my butt and not losing an ounce but when I stuff my face, that’s when my body decides to chill out. What gives, Body?

But, yes, this Christmas was epic in so many ways. Christmas Eve, I was able to go out that night and drop off a sign for the little boy and a little gift for Em. Her Facebook made me smile when I saw the mug I had given her with a piece of chocolate cake that she was having while relaxing that night. I actually felt like a ninja sneaking up to their house and leaving the gifts. I was praying I wouldn’t get shot. Luckily, the gift run was uneventful.

Every Christmas Eve up until the age of 20, Melanie and I slept in the same bed so Papa could have my bed. Over the past few Christmases, we choose to sleep separately, but we always agree that whoever wakes up first has to jump into the other one’s bed, knock on the headboard and announce “Something’s on the roof!” This goes back to a night when Melanie was about 10 and was extra-wired for Santa to come that night. It’s just become a tradition, I suppose. Mom heard “little voices” coming from Melanie’s room and came in to say good morning and Merry Christmas to us. It’s funny how things change as you get older. When we were younger, we would run to the living room and the gifts. Now that Santa has decided that Mel and I are old enough to take care of ourselves, we take our time getting ready for the gift exchange. Coffee is made, showers are taken, and we settle in for a relaxing morning.


Bam! This is our tree, delivered by the ever-incomparable Cricket (yes, that is his name) each year since I was 10. Every year, we say it’s the best tree we ever had, but I think this one took the cake. Last year, we had a praying mantis infestation in our tree and our house was covered in my mantis’. Yeah…picture that for a second. This year, we got lucky and we are proud to report no hatched youngin’ buggers running around.


Mel wasn’t too keen on getting pictures done, but we are just too good-looking not to. Even though Melanie is 4 years younger, she is pretty much a full half-foot taller than me. So, I guess you could say that I am the “little sister.” Once Parker was up, we broke into the gifts. This year was a great one. Our family is very blessed and I got a few surpises, and gave a few of my own as well.

Image Courtesy of Love Actually

Image Courtesy of Love Actually

I have been on the hunt for a red coat just like the one shown here from Love Actually. Five Christmases of hunting and we actually found this at Burlington Coat Factory in Concord Mills. Even though my parents got it for me, I stood on line for 30 minutes, hugging it to my chest and not letting it go. The one gift that made me cry, however, was a belle Dress Up Precious Moment figurine. It was totally unexpected, sentimental, and reminded me of being a little girl, playing dress-up and dreaming about growing up and finding my true love. It was ridiculous, really. It was one of those ugly sobs that just won’t stop. Damn it, Mom, this is why I can’t have nice things!

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

I think everyone and their mom knows how much I love a certain blog called Young House Love. This year, they came out with the ultimate home tips guide book. I wanted it so badly for Christmas that I sent a link to my sister (since the book is so affordably priced) and I must admit, I raved about it on the blog. This resluted in my receiving of TWO Young House Love books for Christmas.

Me just being happy with one

Me just being happy with one


Me Being More Than Stoked at Having TWO!

Me Being More Than Stoked at Having TWO!

I made gifts for pretty much everyone in addition to “getting them something nice.” Daddy sadly usually gets the short end of the stick each year, because the poor guy never tells us what he wants. This year, the brilliant idea of making Dad a “Zombie Survival Kit” came to me. This included creating a “life-size” zombie beebee shooting target.

From his smile, I know I hit the nail on the head.

From his smile, I know I hit the nail on the head.

Yeah buddy! Daddy was so excited, he took it right outside after we were done opening gifts and set it up for the evening. The ricochet on the plywood is a little annoying (rogue beebees kept pleting us) but it was not painful or lethal. Just be sure to set the zombie a ways back.


After presents and breakfast, everyone took a nap. I like to call this the “Sleeping Beauty” hour.

Yes, Dad actually passed out sitting up and I am pretty sure he just fell back once the Z's kicked in...

Yes, Dad actually passed out sitting up and I am pretty sure he just fell back once the Z’s kicked in…

Parker "fell asleep" over his cookies that mel baked for him

Parker “fell asleep” over his cookies that mel baked for him

Then Baby Girl is passed out on the couch all wrapped up in her little blanket.  Too cute.

Then Baby Girl is passed out on the couch all wrapped up in her little blanket. Too cute.

Tim showed up around 3 and we all had Christmas dinner, complete with Christmas crackers, which are pretty much little toilet paper rolls with goodies stuffed inside. They explode when you pull on the tabs, and usually come with jokes and paper hats. dad wore his throughout the evening.

Second gift exchange came with Tim. He was a sweetheart and got something for everyone in the family. Mom got him an awesome S’uit Up” tee shirt, which he wore last night to karaoke.

We make a cute couple, no?

We make a cute couple, no?

But Tim really outdid himself for our first Christmas. For years, I have been wanting a wine fridge, and the man delivered. He told me it was under our agreed gift cap, but still, I was totally floored. I was so thrilled to get it home and set up in my temporary wine nook. I am going to start looking for a hutch to really spice things up, but it’s good where it is right now.


So, that’s the lowdown on my Christmas with the family and fella. How was yours? Have any Christmas surprises?


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