Day One: Cleaning Out the Closet

Update: I am planning on giving the master bedroom closet a little bit more of a makeover with fresh paint, a stenciled design, and a little pin board for fashion ideas.

In the words of great rappers the world over, I am not going to “front;” I only got one closet and three sets of drawers cleaned out today. I still have the hall closet and the guest room closet to tackle. But what I did accomplish is nothing short of awesome. I also had the willpower to take down some of the Christmas tree ornaments today, and here is the cutest proof you need.

winter2012 084

Maddie Moo had no desire for me to pack up the decorations. Either that or she just loves boxes. Seriously, the mouse in this photo, I got her for Christmas. She has hardly touched it. But you know what they say about kids: You buy them this great gift and they would rather play with the box. :p Honestly, I am having a hard time getting rid of Christmas stuff, as well. Anyone else notice that Christmas decorations abound up until December 31, and then it’s just drab? Yeah, I thought so. I plan on doing something about that. But back to the task at hand, the master bedroom and closet.

winter2012 062

Not going to lie, folks, I haven’t made my bed much the past few days. Something about the holidays that just makes a girl lazy, you know? Plus, it was laundry day, so those sheets got a spa day in the washing machine. But the place is a mess, right down to the wonky curtain rod that keeps coming out of the wall (by the way, fixed that). I gave the room a serious overhaul. It was exhausting, mentally trying, and great!

winter2012 069

The closet beforehand. Too many bags, too much crap just weighing it down. You can’t even really see the back! I am a pack rat to the core sometimes, and I really wasn’t looking through those bags the past few times I did a closet cleaning. Whoopsy…

winter2012 070

Ugh, color me embarrassed (lame phrasing, I know) but there is no where to put shoes. This closet is just…God awful. First thing’s first, I cleared all the clothes out and separated them into 3 piles: sell, give away, and keep. The sells were clothes that were in good condition (no stains, no tears, still fashionable) that I can attempt to sell at my local consignment shop Plato’s Closet. The second pile was for clothes that I knew weren’t going to make the Plato’s cut, but I needed to get rid of. And the last pile is obvious, right? Do I have to walk you through it? Okay, good. Thank you moving on.

winter2012 075

Piles and piles of clothes that, “honey, you’re just not going to wear anymore.”

winter2012 071

Once I got the clothes out, I began rifling through the multitudes of bags that had been stored there for the past few, well, years! I found some pretty awesome stuff. Hey, Ma, you know those pens we kept on losing? Yeah, I found them (sheepish grin). And I found some candy from a few months ago, a letter from an apartment complex my ex and I were looking at before we decided to move to the Treehouse, and several strands of Christmas lights that I just don’t use. It was like a treasure hunt in my closet!

winter2012 074

Another thing I found was my collection of corks that I have been using to ever-so-slowly assemble a wreath to hang in the living room.

winter2012 072

Yayyyyy craft time! I actually glued them on tonight, and it is only about 50 corks away from completion. Get to drinking, readers! If you actually know me in real life and want to donate some corks for the cause, message me on Facebook! I need all the help I can get!

Corks for the Cause 2013:  Help Support Morgan's Crafting Habit

Corks for the Cause 2013: Help Support Morgan’s Crafting Habit

I threw out several bags of trash during the process, and even got a hold of my crafting drawers, and reorganized them. After the sorting and clearing out phase was over, it was time to reassemble the contents of the closet. The finished product looks like this:

winter2012 078

You can actually see the back of it now!

winter2012 079

Work clothes on the top, play clothes on the bottom. Oh, and plenty of room for my shoes now. I can actually buy a few new pairs! Eeee!!! When Tim came by yesterday, he actually asked me if I could do the same thing to his closet. The truth is anyone can do it. You just have to be ready to part with some things.

My streamlining of the bedroom wasn’t quite finished yet, however. I had to clear out my drawers. My biggest problem is that my unmentionables chest gets “mixey” for a lack of a better term. My underwear and my socks get mixed up, and, it ends up just a total mess. Thanks to the Christmas season, though, I was able to recycle a shoe box to the greater good of sock drawer storage. No need to shield your kids’ eyes, folks, it’s just socks from this point on. You’re welcome.

winter2012 080

I took the shoebox top and fit it directly into the drawer to create a barrier between the sock portion and the (ahem) rest of the drawer. It fit perfectly!

winter2012 081

I then took the rest of the box, and cut a little chunk of it off. I then placed it inside the sock drawer so I had a place to keep the “stray” socks. You never know when those things are going to pop back up, it’s good to keep the singles in a little nook.

winter2012 082

So, in review, I was able to get rid of some clutter, hopefully gain some money-making clothing investments, and I can actually walk around my bedroom knowing exactly where everything is!

winter2012 083

To Plato’s Closet I go!

You still have time to enter the drawing to win a free Home Organizer. All you have to do is follow the link and comment in the box. I love comments! And I am also nosey and want to know how everyone else is taking care of decluttering their homes. Have a great Wednesday, everyone!

Know of a few easy fixes for closet and drawer organization? Comment below and link me up to your blog. I love to get new ideas, and I love meeting new people.

3 thoughts on “Day One: Cleaning Out the Closet

  1. I keep panty hose in sandwich bags 🙂 I only wear them 2-3 times a year. Due to my new dresser’s set-up, I have a small drawer dedicated to, um, drawers, and another dedicated to my foundation garments. Just bought 2 new ones at a Victoria’s Secret sale (found out the 6 I had at home are the wrong size!) and that drawer is now set up like the store so the pricey items do not mis-shape.

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