Day Two: Kitchen Ala Clean

You guys, I am beat. Right now, I am sipping on a glass of wine, unwinding from a very busy (yet very fun) day at the office. You really want to know what I want to do right now? It involves Tylenol PM and an extremely cozy bed of mine. But noooooOOOOooo(feel free to create the most whiny voice in your head for that that you can), I promised you all I would have a post up on cleaning up my kitchen and fridge. Thank God it’s small, but, geez, why do I get myself into situations like this? I guess I can’t complain too much; I did enjoy rolling over in my bed this morning and looking at a clean closet. Not to mention it was too easy picking out clothes this morning without having one of my boots get stuck in the sliding door. So I guess I will deal.

winter2012 058

So, here’s the kitchen as of yesterday. It looks neat on the outside-ish. But the inside is overcrowded with food and crap I simply forgot about.

winter2012 057

See what I mean? My fridge looks like a frat boy took over it. That was actually a symptom of the cookie party I had a few weeks ago. I swear!

winter2012 059

This side doesn’t look so bad, but I need to get Mad’s food bowls under control. Again, symptom from something I did for fun: going to the beach for the weekend. And now it’s just getting on my nerves. And don’t even get me started on the junk drawers. I could barely get them open to take a picture of the chaos.

winter20122 003

I tackled the drawers first, cleared out a ton of trash, placed the shopping lists in my nifty organizer, and tossed out a few little kitchen tools I just wasn’t using…and here is the finished product!


Ta-da! I stowed all the extra pins away in the little monogram bag and kept only the necessities.

The next thing to be made over was under the sink. Here it is before:

winter20122 001

This was really just an exercise in let’s see how long I can go without it bothering me. Well, it started to bother me the other day when I went to get a cleaning product and everything spilled out onto the kitchen floor. I chucked a lot of stuff. This actually took about 5 minutes tops.

winter20122 002

Now I can reach everything! Yay!

Then came the fridge that I am now pleased to say looks like this:


And the crowd goes wild! Okay, maybe not wild, but you must be at least slightly impressed. I found things in there that had expired in 2011. Yeah…I’m gross. One resolution is to eat 90% of the contents of my fridge before I go back to the store. Also, I found a cute little jar of Apple Butter that I am going to wash out, dry, and paint with some sweet design for Maddie Moo’s treats. Yes, I am a giver.

On that note, the pantry cabinets were easy to rifle through. Non-perishables are great especially this time of year when all I am craving is carbs. I think I am going to give myself a challenge of $10 grocery budget next week so I can get rid of some of the pantry food. Doesn’t sound like a bad idea…

Finally, I braved the scary black hole that is in between my oven and the sink…I am not sure what the carpenter was smoking when he placed it there, but the opening is about 12 inches wide, 12 inches deep, but then extends 3 feet back! And it’s dark, and scary, and I am truly afraid something is going to bite me in there. So I took out a few bowls I wasn’t using anymore, and I brought everything into the light so I don’t get bit by the cave dwellers in there. The stuff that keeps me up at night (shudder).

Anyways, I started cleaning out at 7:30 and I am typing up this post as of 8:50, so not too shabby for an exhausted working girl who has neighbors that can’t understand that it is not New Year’s anymore and they are still shooting off fireworks on a weekday! Go to bed!!!! OhmyLord!

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Tomorrow, I will work on media storage, which will cover my media room improvements. Yayyyy for DVDs, containing wires, and maybe I will finally makeover the DIY media center! How does that sound, kids? I am off to bed.

How is the streamlining going? Are you having a hard time keeping at it? Because I feel like I am on a diet and exercise plan when it comes to seeing this cleaning and streamlining thing through. I am hoping it will become a habit. Have any great blog links to share that have to do with organization? Share away!

Also, I am getting feedback on how to improve the blog. I will finish collecting surveys on Friday. If you want to take the quick and easy survey, <a href="Click here to take survey“>click here.

I can’t wait to share the results!


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