Updated Post that is NOW a product review…since it is so darn popular, I guess it should get it’s due.

Living Young & Wild & Free

After months of waiting, American Horror Story: Asylum premiered last night, and I got my Evan Peters(who played Tate last season) fix.  Cold shower scene…heck yes! Without delving too much into spoilers, this season is taking a completely different turn from “haunted house” and things that go bump inthe night.  And I am thoroughly going to enjoy solving the mysteries that the season premiere threw at me last night.

Okay, got my drool-worthy post out of the way…now on to curvier and sexier things…my Halloween costume.  Each year since the Sweenie Todd mess-up of 2008, I have picked out my Halloween costume on Halloween DAY, which usually meant picking something out of my closet and pairing it with some kind of tool kit.  Which always seemed to serve me well, as opposed to my uber-costume planning.  Please shield your eyes as you see the trainwrecks from the past few years.

I have always had a…

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