Day 3: Mass Media

Welcome back everybody. I hope your weekends were awesome! I have officially taken out all my Christmas decorations, and I am officially getting even more great ideas for the Treehouse this year. Going through the house, and running into unfinished projects and tons of craft supplies really is enlightening. I can wait to share what I’ve got. But you all have been very patient with the unveiling of the refurbished media center. First thing’s first the before:


The cabinets, as you will remember are from my neighbors who were renovating their kitchen and throwing these gorgeous pieces out into the street. I rescued them, though, and brought them upstairs to live with me for about 2 months until I decided it was time to take them on.

The first thing I did was bust the nails out of the sides that were holding the cabinets to the walls while they were in the kitchen. I don’t want me or anyone getting tetanus from those things. Busting out the nails wasn’t too difficult, just extremely loud. I feel so bad for my neighbor Joe whenever I start banging around. I try to keep it contained before 9 PM, though. Once the nails were under control, it was time to sand and prime.

entertainmentcenter 001

I stuck with my old faithful, Zinsser Oil Based Primer for the priming. Easy.

entertainmentcenter 002

I let it all dry over night and then I put a top coat in pure white by Behr. It took about two coats to cover it all.

entertainmentcenter 006

While the cabinets were drying, I decided to spruce up the inside, as well. I took some old drawer liner I had lying around the house and “rolled” with it. I must say, it looks significantly better.

entertainmentcenter 003

I set the doors back on the entertainment center, and it just looked…nice. Not amazing. I remembered a page in my Young House Love book that you can add punch to door panels by painting them two different colors. I chose two colors that I already had on hand and matched my color scheme perfectly: Anonymous (that I had used on the closet doors) and Quiet Moment (that I used to paint my kitchen).

I started with the Anonymous on the inside panel. I had to end up going back and straightening it once I painted on the outside panel. So, I recommend starting with the outside panel and work your way in.

entertainmentcenter 009

Below are the finished panels. Truly awesome, and now they pop!

entertainmentcenter 013

Then, I finished it all off with a coat of clear gloss to make it really shine.

entertainmentcenter 011

I am quite proud of this. You may be wondering where all the clutter went. My exercise DVDs and Wii games are now stored away in the black and white box on the left. My exercise equipment is hiding in the right cabinet for the time being until I can correct the epic fail of buying the wrong sized shelves (face palm).

The Budget Breakdown of this Project:
-Expedit Center Shelf IKEA Approximately $30-$45 when I bought it a few years ago
-Cabinets FREE
-Tops for the Cabinets: Quantity of 2 for $7 a piece: $14
-Primer $6
-Paint FREE
-Shelf Liner FREE
-Gloss Finish FREE

Total: Between $50 and $65.
Time: One Weekend

Next things to come is some art to bank the entertainment center, get some curtains in, and one more teeny tiny secret that I can’t share with you guys just yet, but it’s coming!

What did you guys get into this weekend? Find anything that needs to be refurbished? I want to hear about it! Comment below, leave a link to your blog, and I will be sure to check you out! Happy Monday, everyone.


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