Motivational Monday: Talkin’ ‘Bout My Motivation

Happy Monday morning, everyone. This weekend was nuts. It hardly feels like it should be whatever day it is. We are already halfway through the month. Geez. With the year zooming by, I am sure a lot of us are already slacking on New Year’s Resolutions. Take me for example. Tim and I went out to eat TWICE yesterday: once at Waffle House and then we ordered in pizza from Papa John’s. Already my quiet resolution to just “do better” in the health department went down the drain, topped off with maple syrup and garlic sauce (you’re welcome for the disgusting visual). Somewhere in between these massive food-fests, I decided to go online and check around for a dress to wear to the 2013 Art and Soul Gala that is coming up in a few weeks.

My original thought was to borrow a dress from my sister, but the only contenders that were in her closet were size twos, including a gorgeous ballgown that she wore to prom a few years back. I felt downright depressed that I couldn’t fit into it, considering I could comfortably slip into a dress that size a mere two years ago. Sad face. I then went to try on mom’s hand-me down dresses. No dice.

I ended up stumbling upon, a website dedicated to letting “everyday” girls like me get to dress in designer duds for the evening by means of rental. That’s right! You can rent a $350 Z Spoke Zac Posen dress and a $250 necklace for under $100! Quite the discount! I began browsing around, and I picked out several dresses. I submitted them to the only person whose opinion I cared about: Tim. He came back with his choice, telling me I would look HAWT. Who am I to argue?

Image Courtesy of

Image Courtesy of

Okah, so, here’s the dress. That is a sweet dress, you might say. Yeah…they didn’t have a size 6, so guess what I did? Got a size 4. Yep, dumb. But I have a feeling I will fit into it just fine in 3 weeks from now. Why? Because I have a plan. And now I have the biggest motivation ever…looking hot in that dress on February 2.

Here’s the Plan: calculating my caloric intake and I will leave 200 calories alone at the end of the day. I am not going to go for goal, I am going for 200 under goal. But I will still be in the over 1200 calorie zone. Want to cheer me on? Join my quest for the dress here. Here’s the biggest thing I will undertake to get the weight off: No alcohol until Valentine’s Day. I am not an alcoholic by any means, but I don’t know of any good winos out there who can’t go a day without unwinding after a stressful day with a glass of cab. I am going to miss you, Beringer and Barefoot. I will see you guys in a few weeks.

I am utilizing Zumba and P90-X for my workout routine. Next week, I will supplement in the afternoons with a couple extra arm workouts from I am also thoroughly enjoying myself after work by shaking off the day’s stress with my Just Dance 4 game.

After the deadline for the dress loss has passed, I will continue on with my quest to a healthier me by setting little mini-goals along the way. Otherwise, I will fall off the wagon again and into a tub of Chunky Monkey ice cream. Wish me all luck!

What resolutions are you finding hard to keep? What keeps you motivated towards your goals? Leave a comment in the box below. I will come visit your blog and comment, as well.


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