Wedding Wednesday: Daddy/Daughter Dances That Don’t Stink

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Photo Courtesy of

Due to popular demand, I have decided to post a wedding idea blog every two weeks. I am farrrrrr off and away from getting married, however a girl can dream, right?

This week’s topic is daddy/daughter dances. Not quite as popular as the first dance, but as far as wedding traditions go, this one is pretty solid. I have done my fair share of attending weddings either catering or as a guest, and I have to be honest here. Can I get a cone of safety? I hate, hate, HATE “Butterfly Kisses.” I can’t stand it! It’s depressing and outdated, and I have heard it one too many times for my sanity to take. I just cannot…A close second is “I Loved Her First.” Not quite as outdated as the aforementioned offender, but come on. I want to eat, drink, and be merry at a wedding. Not boo-hoo over the wedding cake in a drunken stupor because I had to drown the total sadness of the daddy/daughter song in vodka (not like I ever have…checking left and right here). And there is also just the awkward middle-school caliber swaying back and forth that accompanies both wedding dance tunes. Yes, it allows for the dad and daughter to talk for a few moments, and I guess if you want to cry and reminisce about your childhood and how much you’re going to miss your dad then have at. I swear I will not judge if I get invited to your wedding. However, I am pretty sure the above statement has gotten me banned from every wedding ’til the end of time, including my own. I should also do an extra feelings covering and say that my closest friends, I was so thrilled to see you happy on your wedding day, I can’t even remember what the daddy/daughter dance song was. I just remember the smiles on your faces, and the total love filling the room. So if it was either of the two songs upstairs, I apologize. Have I smoothed it over a bit now?

This great idea came to me a few weekends ago when mom and dad joined me at Lucky Lou’s and Tim was forced to sing “I’ve Had the Time of My Life” from Dirty Dancing. My mom was being social with everyone in the place, and daddy and I were just chilling out. My dad is a phenomenal dancer and so is my mom. I have no idea where I got my horrible rhythm from, but over the years they have attempted to instill some “social dance” into me by teaching me how to shag (South Carolina’s official dance, not the other shag) and some waltz as well as cha cha. I had the sudden urge to dance, and I grabbed Dad up from his seat and I think that was one of the most fun dances I have ever had with anyone. We were tearin’ that floor up! And I thought to myself how great it was to be able to dance with my dad after all that our family has been through, how much fun we were having, and how much I love my dad. I got a little teary-eyed thinking about it, but I decided then and there that this song was going to be the song my dad and I will dance to at my wedding, whenever it comes around. We will have some time to talk about how proud we are of each other and how awesome the day has been, but around that, we will be having the time of our lives dancing to this awesome song! Of course, the dance won’t be nearly as intimate as Swayze/Grey. That would just be strange.

To all my past and future brides out there: what song are you using for your father/daughter dance? Are you doing anything off the wall or are you a more traditional bride when it comes to that part of the reception? This is a no-judge zone, I promise. If you danced to Butterfly Kisses I will not throw boo’s your way. But I want to hear/see some great dance songs up here. Just for inspiration, guys, I have thrown up a few more videos.

Greatest Father Daughter Dance Ever

Raise Your Glass: Awesome Father-Daughter Dance

The Absolute Best Father Daughter Dance

And does any one else see the pattern? Everyone thinks they have the best father-daughter dance. I would like to submit mine one day for the contest. Hehehehe!


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