Day 4 of Streamlining My life: Bathroom Blah to Love Your Spa

Wow, it took me a long time to get this going, didn’t it? You know how you start the new year with all these great intentions and then you just forget? Or get tired? Or get A.D.D? Yeah, all of the above for this kid here. But last night, I got home and decided it was time to hit Day 4 of this de-cluttering my life project. Sometimes you have to go with the flow and not beat yourself up too much when you don’t make a deadline. And funny thing is this didn’t take nearly as long as I thought. I actually got it done while I was cooking dinner in the oven (35 minutes if you were wondering).

Easiest bit was the fact that my bathroom is small on storage space. The hard part is fitting all my junk into that small storage space.


Beneath the sink started out like this. In the mornings, I have to search away for certain things and oftentimes I have to pull everything out just to find a hair brush. The biggest part of the clutter were the hair and beauty tools I never use, like the make up mirror I purchased back in college, curlers I haven’t touched since high school, and an additional hairdryer.

Once those were out, I was able to clear out and organize.


Looks so much better, doesn’t it? I love it, to be honest. I know where everything is. The baskets on the left I used for hair, and the baskets on the right I will use for pampering and nail care.


Got all my mousses, smoothing serums, and travel-sized toiletries up to. On the bottom, all my curling irons, hair dryers, and straighteners are having a party.


On the right, I have my cotton balls, my manicure and pedicure kits, and a few of those nail-polish removers. I have two, since I thought I lost one a few months ago and bought an extra. I am not one to waste anything, especially smelly acrylic remover.

Once I was finished with the “downstairs” cabinets, I hit the “upstairs” drawers, which weren’t too horrendous but still needed some tidying up.


I sectioned off the hair elastics and the nail polishes…that’s pretty much it. But I spruced up the drawer with some of the leftover shelf liner I used in the media cabinet project.


Then I put everything back in its place, and I was able to find everything just fine this morning.



That’s all folks. A quick, easy, free bathroom update. Takes less than an hour, and you are able to find your shampoo in the morning.


Oh, and here’s all the stuff I threw out. Yay for getting rid of stuff!

How is your organizing going? Leave a comment in the box below!


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