Stuff My Dad Says

Morgan's 055

Today is my dad’s 57th birthday. As of right now, he is recovering from a sleep study he had to participate in last night while watching FOX News and eating chocolate cake. That’s my dad. He does what he wants! This afternoon I am going to take him to lunch somewhere in town…no idea where that will be just yet. But it’s hard to get anything for the man who has pretty much everything.

From a young age, my dad told me how I should prioritize my life. “Do what you HAVE to do first, then do what you WANT to do second.” Makes sense, but I hated hearing that when I was a kid. But sure enough I came home and did my homework before I hit the television. Eventually, I gave up television altogether.

My dad was a morning person while I was growing up. My sister and I would wake up to ABBA first thing in the morning. I remember thinking to myself as I made up my bed for the 5th day of ABBA in a row “Geez, can the man not play anything else?” But because of that, I am pretty sure I am the only person in my mid-twenties who knows Dancing Queen was not written by the A-Teens, or S Club 7, or even Meryl Streep. In fact, a lot of my music know-how came from my dad. When I was a baby, he would play Phantom of the Opera in my nursery. It wasn’t until I was about 12 that I rediscovered it, and I chose to pursue music during high school and college.

It doesn’t matter the day or how many years go by; dad always has the same come back for me asking “Hey, guess what?” He always pauses before saying “UhhhhhhHHHHHHHhhhhhhh….you ate an elephant.” Yeah, still waiting on that to happen. Must need to be a tiny elephant, it does.

My dad has always been protective when it comes to boys. When I came home with news that I had my first boyfriend, I announced that we were “going together” to which he replied “Going where? Where are you going?” It then grew into “that boy” as in “Morgan is going to the store with that boy” or even “Oh yes, that boy.”

When Dad gets geared up, he is freaking hilarious. Here is a video example of what this man is capable of.

Morgan's 073<

Dad has a big heart. He will start sniffling at the smallest thing: a well-written card, a sweet song, a sentimental moment on TV, he will just start tearing up. I am pretty sure my sister and I have a game called "Make Daddy Cry." She usually wins. Dad will go above and beyond for a friend, and for strangers as well.

Morgan's 077

Brenda, a regular at Lucky’s asked Dad to dance with her, and he took her for a ride. It was pretty darn cool.

Dad used to officiate football and work for the County Recreation Department. Now he travels between Lancaster and Myrtle Beach as a substitute teacher. His favorite thing to do is freak his students out. He has charaded as a “Zin Doodle” master in which he took on a Mr. Myagi demeanor in an art class, made the kids do breathing exercises before breaking out the pens and paper, and even had the actual teacher giving him major respect points for keeping the kids in check in the kookiest way ever. You’ll have to hear the story first hand. It’s long but it’s hilarious.

I could go on for days on how crazy my dad is but there is just not enough bandwidth. It’s a gift that his crazy was passed down to me. It gives me a sense of humor like no other. He also instilled in me the work ethic of a fighter. I will never give up on myself, because I am just not happy unless I am working hard. My dad gave that gift to me. He is truly the best dad on the planet. I love him so much.

Happy Birthday, Daddy!


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