Self Love Project 2013

It’s funny how people will stare at me with mouths agape when I give them the real reason for my weight loss. It has NOTHING to do with the numbers on the scale and it has NOTHING to do with my body image. This is the way the conversation usually goes down.

Random Person: So, can you please explain to me why you’re trying to lose weight?
Me: Well, there was this rental dress on line I just had to have and the only size it comes in is a 4. I’m a 6, so only seems right and fair a lose a couple just to fit in the dress.
Random Person: Sooooo it has nothing to do with you wanting to actually lose weight for the heck of it?
Me: Oh, God, no! I love my body. It gets me places, allows me to live, sometimes it makes me feel awesome and super-model-esque. But, no, I don’t want to lose weight just for the sake of losing weight.

And then the jaw drops.

There have to be more women out there like that, who love and accept their bodies for the way they are. Or if you do have a few issues, there has to be something you love about yourself!

I am currently following a blog Once A Month 4 Ladies that posted this project this time last year. Their goal is to help women not feel alone in where they are in life: physically, mentally, in the experiences they are going through. So, my goal here is for at least 5 WOMEN WHO FOLLOW MY BLOG TO SUBMIT PHOTOS OF THEMSELVES WITH A CAPTION OF WHAT THEY LOVE ABOUT THEMSELVES.

Here is my contribution to the project.


Tim thought that I should scratch off the “g” in “sing” and just let the sign say “I sin hardcore.” Goob. I would also like to add that I love that I am musically psychic. I can be thinking about a song, turn on my radio or Pandora and the song will start right then and there. It’s pretty awesome.

You can send the photos to Again, I need 5 ladies! You will be featured on next week’s blog. Or post this project in your own blog and tag me.

Don’t feel like taking a picture? What do you love about yourself? Comment below!


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