Coastal Chic Dining Hutch

Lesson I Learned Today:  Every day, I believe I am going to post a little tidbit of something random I learned the day before.  Sunday I was standing in line with my grocery order, when the cashier rings me up for $6.66.  I am a superstitious person and was able to use my rewards card to knock it down to $5.85 (my weekly grocery bill, by the way).  The girl started chatting away about the number of the Beast and how her friend is a pagan.  I replied back with “That’s fine by me.  Worship whatever you like.  Just don’t come after me for what I believe.”  She nodded, and I knew she was going to come back with something that would stick with me for the rest of the night. I guess I also just have one of those faces where people tell me the most random stuff, and they don’t expect me to bat an eyelash. Which is usually true. “You know, I am not religious by any means, but if someone put a gun to my head and made me choose, I would choose Satanism.”  She must have seen the look on my face, because she recovered quickly with, “It’s not devil worship; that’s Luciferinism.  But I really like their version of the ten commandments better than the traditional commandments.”  I was curious so I raised my eyebrow at her and allowed her to continue on. This kid was on quite a roll. “Did you know that one of the commandments is you’re not allowed to make sexual advances on a person unless they give you the mating sign? I mean, that’s pretty cool, a religion that doesn’t condone rape.” First thing that pops into my head is a lady giving a guy some kind of thumbs up signalling it’s business time.  But I shook my head, and began collecting my groceries.  “Nope, I had no idea,” I replied.  I bid her good night, and I came straight home just to check out the commandments, and there it was verbatim what she had told me.  Along with several other very specific “you shall not’s.”  Just interesting, being a student of the world.  Amazing what crazy things stick in my head at day’s end. Thanks girl at the grocery store.  I learned something new today.

It’s been several months since I discovered this laundry room door that was discarded next to the community dumpsters, brought it up to my apartment, and cleaned it off.  Up until last week, it was residing in my guest room, looking ever so awkward and begging me to do something with it.  It gave me the puppy-dog eyes long enough, so during my big office renovation, I moved it into the living/dining room to finally give it the treatment it deserved.100812172124

I decided not to repaint it since it does look so very dapper in all of its natural glory.  I also liked how it reminded me of the storm shutters in Charleston.  Having the door next to my big Charleston Battery painting just seemed to tie everything together beautifully.


In previous posts, I had played with different ideas for this lost door, but in the end I decided to make it a little dining hutch for formal dinner parties or special occasions.  I am not a big fan of keeping my pretty dishes on top of the cabinets in the kitchen.  I wanted them out in the open so I could look at them, and I wouldn’t have to get my stepping stool each time I wanted to get them down.  Or sometimes, when I get lazy, I just climb onto my counter like a five year old.  Short people problems…either way, I wasn’t having it.


During the big IKEA trip, I wound up purchasing a Fabian shelf for $6.99.  I sanded it down a little and applied a primer/sealer. Since it was hanging out in the closet, I didn’t have to shell out money for a coat of paint or two.


And yes, that is a Pure Romance catalog underneath the can.  My friend Renee dropped them off to me since I was supposed to have a party last weekend.  If anybody needs a post-Valentine’s Day hookup, I got your girl.  Okay, that sounds bad. I will have to work on the phrasing.  I digress…back to the shelf.  The Fabian was soaking up the paint quite a bit, so I ended up applying two even coats.  It was dry in a matter of minutes.


The centering of the brackets for the shelf was really the hardest part of the job.  Since it was only me working on the project, I was holding this 3-pound shelf up to the door, trying to mark points for the brackets to hang.  It took several tries and quite a bit of measuring, but I finally got them exactly where I wanted them.


Ta-da!  The true test was yet to come.  The door may look all pretty all by its lonesome, but pretty needs to have a purpose, too. That’s just how I roll.  On the other hand, I had absolutely nothing to reinforce the door or bind it to the wall.  So I did the poor-man’s reinforcing job by leaning it against the wall. A lot.


I have been saving this beauty for quite a bit for something amazing.  This wreath made out of years worth of drinking wine and saving the corks was nestled in the guest room, as well.  I attached some ribbon to it and hung it from the door by means of putting a screw in the very top.


The dishes have been set out and I am officially ready for company.  Maybe in the future I will add to the door with a few more shelves but for right now this is absolutely perfect.


Long shot of the finished product.  This project only cost me the shelf at $6.99.  Not bad at all for a multi-purpose dining hutch.  My best advice for someone who may be short on furniture and big on creativity?  You never know when someone’s trash will become your treasure.


Maddie seems quite at home with the whole dining room renovation being complete.  Finally something in my house is totally considered “finished.”

What did you do over the weekend?  Anything crazy like dumpster diving or updating your digs?  Or did you relax at home and enjoy “Thundersnow 2013” like I did?  Oh yeah, that totally happened.  Gorgeous, fat snowflakes fell from the sky Saturday night and by Sunday is was all gone down here in Rock Hill.  I think it will be back in the 60’s for the high tomorrow.  You have to love Carolina weather.  🙂


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