It’s Valentine’s Day in Gallifrey

I am not a Time Lord, but I do tend to celebrate holidays as if I am one.   Tim and I decided that since Valentine’s Day is overcrowded with dinners out, flowers, candy, and all the “one day to say I love you nonsense” we would make a weekend out of it.  Well, in Tim’s phrasing “We get the other 364 days to say ‘I love you’.”  I will take 364 over 1 any day.  So through some Whibbly Wobbly Timey Whimey t-goodness, Tim came over on Friday and presented me with the single-most amazing lurv day gift in the galaxy.


Oh, yes!  I have Tardis and Dalek salt and pepper shakers now.  The story of these little guys is pretty cute.  I had a pair of rhino S&P shakers that I bought at a close-out sell in K-Mart a few months ago.  And this girl hasn’t met a ceramic animal she didn’t like, so I brought them home with me.  Evidently, Tim was tired of getting his spices from rhino butts, so he browsed around on Amazon to get me some new ones.  The sign of a good companion is they see a few unique things about you and they will then commit to filling your house with said nick-nacks.  These salt and pepper shakers made me fan-girl for the first time since Chanssee made that Doctor Who cross-stitch.  I have such great friends.  Tim gave me a head’s up on this gift about two weeks before Valentine’s Day, even though we had both agreed we wouldn’t celebrate.  But then he pulls out these gorgeous odes to my geek-dome and I HAD to do something about this.

So, I contacted my lady-love Chanssee, artist in residence and cross-stitching/Pinteresting/musical genius to do something special for Tim.  He had mentioned several times that he really wanted a picture of us for his room.  I sent in a photo of us to Chanssee and she was able to draw up a timeless portrait for me to frame for him.  She’s amazing!


Warning: Objects seem more real than they actually are.  She did such an amazing job, I honestly thought she had just photo shopped the picture instead of drawing it.  Amazing!  I am going to go more in depth with the artist-awesomeness that is Chanssee tomorrow, but for right now, I will just say “well done!”  Tim was pleased, I was happy with my S&P shakers, and we officially celebrated last night with dinner at Chili’s and Good Day to Die Hard. Fun times were had by all!  Happy Valentine’s Day, every day!  And now for some good ol’ fashioned geekouts!


Every fan girl’s dream…getting proposed to with a Tardis-shaped box.  Word on the street is this little box will run you somewhere between $300 to $800.  But hey, it’s shinier on the inside.521861_462592863795410_1894879316_n

The key to a great party?  Bring a banana!  Bananas are great for everything including daiquiris and slipping-on-a-peel gags.


The absolute coolest Valentine ever.  17677_463161893738507_1620322850_n

To fill you in, there is a Doctor Who episode where these aliens called The Silence followed the Doctor and Amy around.  Each time you saw them, they would make you forget you saw them right after.  So they started making little marks on their body every time they saw the Silence until they pretty much ran out of space.  I am thinking about marking April 23rd on the calendar.  Anyone else with me?11351_462375583817138_1688766840_n

There are days when I feel this way…like today.11147_462539627134067_1440541015_n

You’re welcome.  What is your big geek thing?  Are you a trekky?  Like Star Wars a little too much?  Can you quote every word and song from Nightmare Before Christmas? I want to hear about it!


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