Pimp-Out Time: Portraits By Chanssee

Yesterday I delved a little into the artwork of my friend Chanssee, who out of the kindness of her heart created one of the most gorgeous portraits I have ever laid eyes on.


While she was dropping off the portrait last Thursday night, we had a little girl’s night and I took a few moments to interview her about her hobby gone business.


This is Chanssee.  She is the owner of Portraits by Chanssee, a business that she began while living in Virginia with her husband Andrew.  It all began when she was in high school, looking for a class to fill up the gap from dropping chorus.  This fact surprised me because the girl sings like a true diva when we are at karaoke.  In place of chorus, she picked up an art class.  One of the first projects she had to complete involved drawing a portrait on the grid system.  This was all well and good, but the turning point in the entire story was the purchase of new drawing pencils.


The contrasting softness and shades of the pencils allowed for something to “click” as she created her drawings.  Soon enough, Chanssee was able to create true-to-life drawings simply by uploading photos from the internet and drawing directly from them, without much of a grid system at all.

67050_358414560932071_1955013619_nThe true test to her talents came when she entered two drawings into an art competition in her home town.  One of her drawings won, and the other she decided to submit to her community college for a scholarship.  She won the scholarship, and soon she was in a fine arts program.  With all the work her instructors were putting her under, Chanssee noticed that her creativity was being crushed.  She gave up the idea of getting the degree and her art skills began to grow again.


After she moved to Virginia, she began building up a clientele and was getting regular business.  Having moved to the Charlotte area, she is once again looking to build up a great group of people who love her art and are in need of true portraiture in their lives.  I for one, am a HUGE fan!

Chanssee uses only the top art supplies, including acid free paper (to prevent yellowing) and a special sealant so the charcoal never smudges during the framing process.  You are guaranteed a quality work of art every time.  She aims for perfection! Her portraits run from $75 to $350.  She does prefer that you submit a high quality photo so she can get all the details just right.

I am including a few of her links here if you want to do a little more art-scaping.

Portraits by Chanssee Facebook

Chanssee’s Tumblr

Follow Chanssee on Twitter

SPECIAL DEAL: When you “Like” Portraits by Chanssee, mention the blog and you will receive a 10% discount on your own work of art.  Code: LivingYWF


2 thoughts on “Pimp-Out Time: Portraits By Chanssee

  1. The portrait she did for me of my son Chris is Priceless. Everyone knows, if there is a fire, get it out. Everything else can be replaced.

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