Winter 2013 Pinterest Challenge




Oh me, my love for Pinterest spans all spaces and times.  It seems like only yesterday, I was griping about how bad Pinterest stunk and how I could not stand it or for that matter understand it.  I want to issue an apology to the people of Pinterest now that I finally get it.  Do I spend entirely too much of my time on there?  Well, of course I do!  And nothing fuels the pinning fire more than a Pinterest challenge from one of my favorite blogs Young House Love. Sherry and John will be adding wainscoting in their hallway.  I, on the other hand, do not have that kind of time.  Thank goodness for warm weather, because I will be out showing houses all weekend.    Therefore, I am going to tackle three very small projects instead.  All from my pinning escapades. Oh, and the EXTRA challenge?  Anything I use for these projects will be bought either at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore or Goodwill.  You see, this weekend I am beginning a wonderful adventure with a group of gifted and dedicated women in Rock Hill.  Women Build is a chapter of Habitat for Humanity that focuses on women creating new homes for those in need.  This weekend, I am attending my very first clinic: power tools.  I am used to the old-school manual stuff so I must admit I am a little nervous.  Hopefully by the end of the clinic, I will be a pro!  So Habitat and Goodwill need to expect this crazy red-head coming around this weekend!  Here’s to happy pinning and happy DIY-ing!

Pin #1: Pretty Framed Grocery List


The pin calls for burlap, so here’s hoping I can find burlap as well as a gorgeous frame for the project.  I am pretty sure I will.  The grocery list frame will take the place of my calendar on the fridge.  It’s time for a change…

Pin #2: Tardis Sweet Tardis


There is no end to my fangirl-dome.  There’s just not.  Currently, I feel like I live in a blue box that is indeed bigger on the inside, so I am combining several pins to create a great over the front door work of art.  It will definitely give me a little spring in my step on the way out in the mornings.

Pin #3:  DIY Personalized Coffee Mugs


Tim and I have a while before we move in together, but he has given me the “all clear” to bring a couple things over for whenever I decide to crash there.  I want to make a pair of mugs for us to enjoy our morning coffee/cocoa/tea in.

So that’s my offering to the Pinterest Challenge.  I have tomorrow off and a little bit of Friday night. Want to join the challenge?  Follow the link here.  Want to join the Women Build Clinic this weekend?  Click here!  Want to find out how you can help with Habitat for Humanity in York County? Click here!


5 thoughts on “Winter 2013 Pinterest Challenge

  1. A quick note about the Sharpie mugs – when you decide to make them, use a porcelain pen instead of a Sharpie. If you make them with a Sharpie, it will come right off in the dishwasher, even if you’ve baked it on like the instructions say to. Porcelain pens are meant to be baked and washed, so those are better to use in my opinion. If you have no problem hand washing them every time you use them, more power to you!

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