Pinterest Challenge: Tardis Sweet Tardis

It has been a bumpy weekend everyone, but I managed to find the first of my Pinterest Challenge materials and actually completed one.  The third project will have to be put on hold because I was not able to find the perfect mugs for the his and her coffee cups.  I am going to put together a quick step by step tutorial of how I created my very own geek-tastic Tardis mural over my front door.  It’s amazing!  And it makes me smile on the way out the door.





Really quick, we have the BEFORE shot.  From the looks of things, it doesn’t seem that anything could fit over this door but I was up for the challenge.


The tools that I used for this project were just a pencil and a ruler.  The Tardis is actually very easy to draw if you can draw straight lines.  I started out with the basic frame…


Then it became more intricate from there.  It took me some trial and error to get the windows correct, hence why there are lines that are darker than the rest.  The light lines are mistakes, the heavy ones are the true lines.  It’s all good, because that is the beauty of acrylic paints. Around this time, my neck, back, and arms started to ache.  I took a break after about 30 minutes.


I am a HUGE acrylic fan.  I happened to have these bottles of paint sitting around in my craft drawer.  Licorice (FolkArt) Misty White, Sky Blue, and True Blue (Apple Barrel). You can get them for about 50 cents at the craft store but I have had these bottles for years.022213172636

I used the True Blue to fill in the outline.  I left the spots for the windows and handles blank.022213180847

I then painted a little damask design with the sky blue.  Once it was all dry, I painted the panels and windows.022213184245

I tidied up a few of the corners, etched in the last details and this Tardis was ready to fly.


The lettering for the” Tardis Sweet Tardis” I got from  I created a line for each phrase so that it stayed even.  I did two coats of the Misty White.


The finished product.  I just realized how shaky this stupid camera on my phone is. Still looks cool, though.


While I was taking this picture, I realized I just could have painted my actual front door like a Tardis.  Now that would have been wild.  And a lot more time consuming.  The project itself took about 2 hours from sketch to finish.



Tomorrow I am taking a personal day.  I have been working myself so hard it is ridiculous.  So if you don’t mind, guys, I am going to sleep in, not work at all, hopefully take care of myself, and not blog tomorrow.  I might do a lazy day post or something…I am not sure.  My friend Terri and I went to see Diary of Anne Frank Saturday night, and it was seriously one of the most heart-wrenching shows I have ever seen.  But I didn’t cry.  Terri was sniffling the entire time but this girl kept her stuff together.  Of course, I admitted that me not crying was just going to internalize and pop up in some weird way.  Well, it happened today at work.  I was reading about how a theater friend of mine had gone to track down her missing son and his body was found yesterday.  I never knew her son but I know her and all that sad show not crying from Saturday, all the frustration for life not going the way I had planned currently, and the utter pain I felt for her over losing her child just manifested into total meltdown and I cried.  And I just couldn’t stop.  I am blaming it on the wonky weather but either way, I am giving myself a time out tomorrow.

During this time, I have a request.  Hold the people you love tight and tell them how much they are loved.  If you have the urge to cry just go on and cry so you don’t look like a total wuss in public.  And also, send me great pins and ideas for future projects.  I need some inspiration.  My Pinterest can be found here!

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