Lazy Day Post: Who Were You in Storybrooke?

Blogging from the comfort of my guest room today, kids.  The rain is falling outside and I am nursing a sore throat.  Trying to make sure it just stays at a sore thorat and doesn’t become a full-blown sickness.  I have a singing competition in one week: Tate’s Got Talent.  Provided that I make it in the top 10, I am eligible to win some great prizes.  Fingers crossed, right?  On my sick days, there is nothing I like better than a good story, fairytales in general.  And lately I have been absolutely hooked on Once Upon a Time.

Sometimes I let my imagination run wild and I wonder who I would be if I were transported directly out of a fairytale and into the real world.  My Storybrooke character would be Belle.


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She sees past superficial things and envisions the truth inside everyone she meets.  She has a kind heart and sees the bright side of things.  I have always related to Belle, who in the Disney film was a book worm and was made fun of for having an imagination and wanting to escape through her stories.  Same thing happened to me in middle school when I was picked on as I read on the playground.  But like Belle, I have been resourceful and have made the best of my situation and have become a better person for it.

As far as my happily ever after goes, I don’t really believe in happily ever afters.  I think life is a constant struggle and without the bad there is no way to figure out the good.  Am I exactly where I want to be right now? Of course not.  But I am living in my own form of happily ever after.  I am working hard and truly enjoying whatever good comes my way.  I have  obstacles and my own “dragons” to slay every now and then.  One thing I am certain of, I have my true love.  He’s no prince charming but there was an evil witch, a spell, and obstacles that kept us apart.  It’s actually a running joke with Tim and I: we have the storybook romance.  Right now as far as we are concerned, we are living our happily ever after.

So, tell me, who would you be if you were transported back to the fairytale world and why?  I am really hoping for some great comments on this.  Let your imaginations run wild!


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