Pinterest Challenge: On My Way to the Supermarche!

Joyeux jeudi, mes amies (Happy Thursday, everyone.)  Really quick, I wanted to share with you how much of a brat my cat is lately.  I have been staying at home quite a bit, working in Rock Hill.  All the time I have been spending with her has made Mads think that she is the boss of the house again.  The other day I was making the bed and this is what happened:

Sometimes, my little fur baby needs a reminder of who actually rules the roost.  Not saying that I would ever resort to such drastic measures, but I know she wouldn’t mess with me again while trying to get household chores done if I did something like this…


I am pretty sure the cat above did that to itself and I sure hope that it’s alright.  Anyway, where was I going with this post before it was off track?022413150946

Oh yeah, getting rid of my magnetic calendar on the fridge and replacing it with a grocery list.  I really don’t use the calendar all that much.  I actually didn’t update it all of December and January, just because I already have a dayplanner, and a desk calendar, and a palm pilot planner in my phone.  No more calendars!!!!


So…yeah…the “magnetic” calendar wasn’t really magnetic at all.  Like I have said before, I have been living in The Treehouse for almost 4 years.  I did things in the beginning that I forgot about: super-gluing the calendar to the fridge was just one of those things.  With some gently prying and sanding down though, I was able to remove the board as well as the adhesive.

I promised everyone TWO Pinterest projects since the third fell through (still can’t find two good mugs for the third project).  I am sure I could actually find the mugs I require at the Wal-Mart or Target; however, the extra twist t this challenge was to obtain my materials from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore or Goodwill.


On Friday afternoon, I strapped on my rain boots and made my way over to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Rock Hill.  I was actually surprised at how empty the store was.  When I see such a great store geared towards a noble cause so empty, I think two things: A. I hope they are so busy, they are selling merchandise left and right or B. I wonder if people forget they can donate here, as well.  I have been living in Rock Hill for 7 years, but I didn’t actually gain knowledge of the ReStore until about 3 years ago.  Since then, I have been purchasing a good bit of my furniture and home goods there, as well as making donations.  If you are in the Charlotte/Rock Hill area, visit the link here!  There were only two items on my shopping list: frame and mugs.  Sounds simple enough, especially when you know where to look.022213144100

These little frames were only about $1 a piece but they weren’t exactly what I was looking for. They would, however, make great additions to my photo wall in the living room.  Hmmm…I might need go back and pick a couple up, especially at that price.


I found the winning frame resting on the bottom of  shelf.  And at just $2, there was no way I was going to leave it sitting there.  Shoot, there were a lot of people milling about that day.  I wasn’t going to take my chances of losing it.022213144303

After I got my frame, I flitted around, trying to find the perfect mugs.  No dice.  I will have to check back in a few days…maybe even tomorrow.  I did, however, find these two books hanging out together.  I like to think of it as a two part series: Settling for Mr. Good Enough and then Planning Your Dream Wedding to Mr. Good Enough.  Hehe!022213144510

This entire living room/dining room set would look awesome if you have a lake house or live on a boat.  Something very nautical about it.  And all of a sudden, I have the strange desire to watch Popeye The Sailor Man.  What’s that about?022213144740

Another great thing about the ReStore?  Whatever is left over from the builds are sent back to the store.  And I found tons of gorgeous cherry laminate hardwoods just ready to take home.  Of course, I didn’t actually take them home.  Did I think about it?  Yes…022213144755

If you can’t read the price it’s $1.55 a square foot.  For about $1200, I can have enough laminate to outfit my house!  That’s a great deal, and it’s tax free!

So, I bring my $2 frame back home, and I waited patiently until the rain dissipated.  When the sun came out on Saturday, I broke out my can of black spray paint and got down to it!


Rustoleum is truly a DIY dork’s best friend.  The stuff is inexpensive, lasts quite a while on smaller projects, and dries quickly.  I took the glass and back out of the frame and sprayed it down until it was fully coated, not dripping with paint.  I let it set over night.  The fumes are murder, people, make sure you keep the spray outside.  022613181709

Back inside, I worked on the interior of the frame.  I purchased this little square of fabric from Wal-Mart for 99 cents. This part is E-A-S-Y.  I smoothed out the lines.  If the fold lines are too pronounced, you can iron them out a little bit.  I really didn’t see the need here.  I laid the fabric out over the face of the frame back and then flipped it over.022613181848

I pulled the fabric tight over the edges and then taped them down vertically and then horizontally.  Yes, I used blue painter’s tape.  It worked like a charm.022613182035

Now that the inside of the frame was complete, all I had to do was assemble everything.  I put the glass back into the frame and then gently placed the back in with the fabric on top.022613182140

Ta-da!  It looks like a brand new frame, and this project only cost about $3!  Getting the frame up on the fridge went about the same way as the calendar, though.  Adhesive strips I knew weren’t going to cut it, so I got a tube of super glue and glued down the edges to the fridge for about a minute.  It held up beautifully and I have a spot to place my dry-erase markers!022613182926

Now I have an easy place to make my grocery list during the week.  If I ever run out of carrots, all I have to do is jot it down.  🙂

What other creative ideas do you have for frames?

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