Wedding Wednesday: Sweet Tea Videography

Video is taking over!  YouTube gets more hits than Facebook.  Everyone seems to have a video camera on their phone now, allowing the Average Joe to become a world-famous director.  Don’t believe me?  Go check out Charlie Bit Me or Harlem Shake.  Millions if not billions of hits.  We are just beginning to gravitate towards video more than photo now, especially with the accessibility of these videos.  Even in the real estate community, we are being encouraged to post property videos along with our slideshows.  It’s not just enough to have pictures anymore, we want and need video to capture our memories to the fullest!  However, many videographers charge an arm and a leg just to bring out the camera. What’s a bride on a budget to do?  Sweet Tea Videography, headed  by Courtney Vaughan is here to help!

courtney vaghan

Image Courtesy of Sweet Tea Videography

What is your background in art?
I spent two years at Winthrop in the illustration department, but then I transferred to the Savannah College of Art and Design to finish my Bachelors in animation. I wanted my pictures to move! It was there that I learned video editing software, along with 2d, 3d, and stop motion animation.
How did you start the business?
I started the business when I moved back home and had been tossing around the idea of being a photographer. I didn’t even know there were videographers out there who could steer clear of cheesy montage videos and make something that was fun and enjoyable to watch, at high quality.
Why did you start the business?

I started the business because I thought it would be fun, and I needed income while I plan my own wedding and attend Georgia Regents University (formerly Augusta State) for my Masters Degree.

What are your services?

I provide both videography and photography services.
What kind of equipment do you have?

I have a Sony A65 with several lenses, two Canon cameras and a Panasonic which I switch out depending on the lighting and video needs. I have lapel microphones which come with me to weddings and shotgun microphones for other event needs. Sometimes I might bring lights with me, but I like to use natural light most of all!

What separates your service from others?

Aside from videographers being few and far between, I can offer something photographers can’t – video services for events and weddings. I have known photographers who have recently added videography in their services now that it has become more popular, but my background is actually in video editing and it’s not something I’ve just learned to keep up with others.
What are some package prices?

Wedding services start out around $1000 and go up from there. I feel that that is very competitive next to the $2000-$3000 I have seen when looking for a videographer for my own wedding.

How far will you travel?

Across the world, anywhere!! If you are willing to pay travel and lodging fees, I can go wherever you need!
What is your favorite aspect of your job?

I love capturing the milestones in the lives of clients- when a baby is born, or a marriage. Those are times that people want to memorize in their minds. I help with that by capturing it on video.
Anything embarrassing/crazy/funny/particularly touching happen on the job? One of my favorite moments so far has been at a birth. I got to video this baby who was less than 10 minutes old. That was awesome!

Want to contact Courtney or see more gorgeous videos?  Check out her Facebook or Website!


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