Spring Projects and Pins

Today I am spending time with my family, so I am not going to talk much, but instead give you tons of pretty pins to make your day!  Click on them to get more ideas!

I have no idea when I am going to have the time or the energy to work on these projects, but I want you to know, faithful readers, that there will be tutorials…and videos!  Yep, videos.  I am going to start doing a lot more of those.  But for today, I am just going to share my plans for the next two months as well as a few inspirational pins to get the creative juices and maybe some adrenaline rushing through these rickety bones of mine.  I have only been 25 for about two months, but already I am experiencing joint pain, memory loss, and early bed times. Geez…

Project One: Wainscot the Mess Out of the Dining Room



Project 2: Mailbox Makeover




Project 3: Stencil My Master Bedroom Closet



Project 4: Clean Out and Organize Hall Closet




Project 5: Bedside Tables Need a Fixer



What pins are your favorites?  Which project should I try first?


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