Motivational Monday: Dog Days Are Over

I have the windows open, the breeze is kissing my hair while I type and for the first time in months I have gone two days straight without stressing out.  Maybe it’s the beauty of working from home or maybe my life is in perspective now that the sun is shining and things are beginning to warm up.  I hate the winter.  It depresses me.  I don’t expect it to, in fact, I fight it as much as possible.  But every winter, without fail, my natural perky nature is brought down a few notches.  I get frustrated, tired, and just upset with life.

This is me at the end of a day

Like how it is during the winter, with the flowers waiting to burst in to bloom, I have been “dormant” from what my numbers show but working so very hard to burst into my new life as a realtor.  I have had a lot of setbacks, more than I ever expected.  And it has taken a major toll on my self-esteem and my motivation.

The weather, however, is warming up.  I am getting back to my old happy self, and remaining hopeful that all this work will come to fruition.  It has to.  I have faith and know that it will.  In some way or another.

Have you felt the same way at work?  Or with home projects?  Anything in life?  Are you in a “dormant” phase but you are working to get out of it?  Share how you are dealing with it.


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