Give a Hoot: Women Build Rock Hill

A few months ago, I found myself with tons of spare time.  I also began to feel very generous, but, being “unemployed” until I began to sell houses created a financial problem with this urge to help others.  I found this wonderful group on women in the York County area who are from different walks of life but are like me: they love to help people and love to build.  This group is called Women Build, and a few weeks ago we had our very first clinic.  Check out the schedule below:


We will actually begin building the house in July.  Here is more information on Women Build from the program directer, Crystal:

Habitat for Humanity of York County is excited to announce our 5th Annual Women Build beginning in July 2013.  Developed through the partnership between Lowe’s and Habitat for Humanity, the Women Build celebrates the compassion, dedication, talents and abilities of women from all walks of life.  The goal is to both showcase the accomplishment of Habitat’s women volunteers and invite new women volunteers to join the effort to provide decent, safe, affordable housing.

In preparation for our 2013 Women Build, HFHYC has partnered with Lowe’s of York to provide 5 Free Women Build Clinics.  The goals of these clinics are to teach proper equipment usage and improve skills in preparation for the construction of the home; however, these clinics are more than just learning.  They are the doorway to building- so join us as we Build a Home, Build Hope, and Build Relationships.

Each year additional women come together to find out what all the hype has been about and each year those additional women find out.  Our first committee meeting was in January- 7 months prior to the beginning of the build and more than a dozen women showed up to support and begin the planning.  That type of motivation shows what the spirit of Habitat is all about: dedication, building relationships, empowering families, and making a difference.

There will be more on my blog in the next few months about Women Build, especially when the actual building gets underway.  Plus, I will be helping out with Tiaras and Toolboxes Gala that is scheduled for September.  So get excited about that!


I am the sleepy head on the left.  haha!  We had to wake up really early that Saturday, but we got free coffee and donuts.  Can’t beat that!  And I learned about tools.  For instance…


This is a hammer.  An awesome hammer.  A Thor hammer, if you will.  The next Women Build Clinic is March 23.  Want to join me, ladies?  Join now!

Any businesses, local artists, or corporations who would like to sponsor the cause or donate silent auction items for the Gala, please email Crystal at

To learn more about Women Build and Habitat, follow this link.  To keep up with the latest, follow Habitat on Facebook!


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