Wedding Wednesday: If You’re A Bird, I’m a Bird

Courtesy of Gus & Lula on

Courtesy of Gus & Lula on

I know it’s Thursday, but this is what happens when you work in real estate.  You get all jazzed about a great new post and then people are coming out of the word work the list and buy houses. Not that I am complaining, mind you.  Things are FINALLY starting to look up!

Fun thing happened yesterday.  I entered a radio contest to win a free bottle of wine (the only real reason why I entered) and a trip to Napa Valley for Live in the Vineyard on Monday.  It is Wednesday.  My name was called!  I jumped up and down and screamed and called in.  Here’s a fun fact about me.  I enter every single radio contest I can try for, mainlywith my favorite station 107.9 The Link here in Charlotte.  If you don’t enter, you don’t win, right?  I can probably count 3 times that I have gone up to the radio station to collect prizes.  This will be my fourth.  I win those contests so often, the DJ’s at the station know me.  Kelly McKay, the afternoon radio host knows me by name and actually asked how I’ve been doing.  Also, while I was jumping up and down, mom was on the phone with a client and when asked what the screaming was about she said “Oh, Morgan, won another one of those radio contests.” So yesterday was amazing!

The birds are going absolutely insane this morning, which inspired me to do a bird-themed wedding board.  It’s been a while since I have made a board but the spring is coming which means wedding season, which also means, I will be catching my annual “wedding fever.”  So for those of you who are getting married, get excited because this girl is going to be cranking out wedding boards, planning tips, and meal plans every Wednesday until this mess works its way out of my system.


1. Handkerchief Source

2. Invitation Source

3. Hummingbird Cocktail Recipe

4. Wedding Cake Source

5.Ceremony Decor Source

6. Birdcage Archway Inspiration Source

7. Birdcage Centerpiece Source

8. Wedding Bouquet Source

9.Runner Source

10. Dress Source

Can’t get enough of the love birds?

Courtesy of Instagram

Courtesy of Instagram


Courtesy of Two Birds Bridesmaids

More Love Bird Wedding Tips


2 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: If You’re A Bird, I’m a Bird

  1. I love the print up top and those nails!

    Also, if I may make a suggestion? If you’re not already familiar with it, you should use PicMonkey to make your mood boards. They offer many different layouts, you can add text…some of the pictures in your boards are awful hard to see. 🙂

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