Sailing into Spring

Well, this is an EPIC fail by Mother Nature guys, either that or the harlot is a tease.  Over the weekend, we reached 80 degrees.  All sunny and glorious.  Today?  Well, today, we are thrown back into Winter temperatures and skies.  Ugh!  And this is how it’s expected to be for the rest of the week.  You know what, Mother Nature?  Whatevs.  Because I am going to fight you off with everything I got.  I am already prepared for Spring at the Treehouse.  Speaking of Spring, if you haven’t seen this cat Spring to “Sail” by Awolnation, you totes should.

First thing’s first.  Sadly, due to budget cuts and rocketing plane ticket prices, I will not be able to fulfill my Vegas Dream this year.  However, Tim and I have decided to go to Orlando, Florida instead for our one year anniversary in September.  We booked our onsite hotel at Disney and will soon be sharing fun little economical travel tips as well as insider Disney and Universal Studios information.  166 days until Florida!  Eeee!

Back to Spring decorating, I was able to get a full day to myself on Saturday, a rarity these days.  I took myself out shopping to Pier 1 Imports and bought new plates for the table as well as napkins.


The plates were actually on sale at 25% off and the napkins were clearance for about a dollar a piece.  Can’t beat that.  I went next door to Michael’s and picked up some faux flowers to decorate a couple branches I picked up while walking in the neighborhood. The branches ended up costing me about $6.


Here are the branches before the flowers.  Originally I was going to spray paint them white but I decided the flowers on them would be prettier.


For this project, all I needed was the flowers and a glue gun.  The entire project took about 15 minutes.  The trickiest part was keeping the “spider webs” of the glue remnants off the branches and flowers.


Lovely little project in the end, though.  I will probably keep this through the summer.  The tablescape is simple and evokes memories of the sunshine and warmth of Spring. I will definitely add more branches as they come along as well.  Three is a little sparse for me.


I spruced up the fireplace, as well.  The “old girl” has been very good to me this winter but I have a feeling that her days of keeping the condo warm are drawing to a close, at least not until September or October.   The candlesticks I got from IKEA.  The lantern is from Pier 1.  The vase is from Wal-Mart (bought it last Mother’s Day) and the ceramic bird (just $0.99) is a Michael’s find.

There are more changes to come that I cannot wait to share with you all.  Needless to say that at the end of the day on Saturday, Maddie and I were exhausted.  She even curled up next to me and I happily tucked her in with her teddie bear.  I am a crazy ca lady, I know.


What did you do with your weekend?  Got any other Spring decorating ideas?

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