Do the Charleston!

I have been ruminating on this transition for about a year or so.  I looked at houses and pondered on this.  And I finally decided to do it!  No, I am not moving to Charleston but I have decided to bring a little bit of the town home.  It hit me Friday night: I painted my porch. And it literally cost me N-O-T-H-I-N-G.


You cannot really fathom how BORING this porch looks.  Friday night, I was expecting to have all day Saturday out with buyer clients.  Had it not been for them calling and telling me “I had the day to myself”  this stroke of genius never would have happened at all.

Once I got the green light for a free, gorgeous Saturday, however, I began painting right away.

DSCN1200The blue you may recognize from my kitchen and closet.  Amazing how far a gallon of paint will go in this house.  The paint color is “Quiet Moment” from Behr.  For about a year, I had paint chips taped to the ceiling to feel out how my porch would look with paint on the ceiling.  None of the paint colors seemed to fit.  Friday night, I threw up some of this lovely blue paint and everything clicked into place.

Saturday morning, I got down to it with brush and roller, cutting in the corners and rolling to my heart’s content.


I did not put a tarp down simply because I am a ninja and know how to not drip paint while painting a ceiling.  Okay, not entirely true.  I had a wet rag with me that cleaned up the drips.  However, I can count how many times to paint dripped on just two hands.  The entire ceiling painting, two coats really only took me about an hour and a quarter of a gallon of paint.  The hard part came afterwards…painting the molding around the top.


I taped off the bottom of the molding as well as the top parts so the white wouldn’t get all over the blue.  I am not the most graceful of painters.  This could be done free-handed but my hands were very shaky that day due to two cups of coffee on an empty stomach.  I could have shaken some great martinis though.


I took the time to sweep up the porch, as well while the first coat of the molding paint was drying.  It took a few coats, but you can see the beautiful finished product.


It really is a vast improvement over the blah brown that the Treehouse came with.  I still have a few more things to do with the porch, including a new light fixture and getting a chimnea in place of my grill (which I have used about twice in the three years I have owned it…fail).  I am definitely spending a lot more time out here.  Seems only right and fair I give my little porch the Charleston treatment.

Have you painted a ceiling before?  Thinking about giving your little slice of paradise a makeover.  Please share your posts and comments below!


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