The Morning Post

Goooooood morning pals and gals.  I have a very packed day ahead so I will keep this post brief.  Pinterest, as you know is my God send when it comes to home projects, and my latest and greatest is no different.

When I was out and about a few months ago, I found this awesome mail holder at Goodwill and purchased it for a mere $2.99.  It sat in the guest room AKA the project room until I was ready to figure out what to do with it.  Originally, it was going to be set on the laundry door as an office caddy but we all know how that project turned out.


When I come home from work, I go out to the mailbox and come back with crap that just ends up lying around the house until I chuck it in the trash.  But there are a few important things that I need to hold on to.  I decided I would mount the mail holder on the wall just below where my keys are held so I can sort the mail as soon as I come inside.  I had some paint left over from other projects, so I pulled two sample sizes out and compared.


I do like the grey and it would have looked great in a white room, but I really liked the buttery yellow better.  It added a pop of color to my Tardis blue living room.  I was very bad and decided not to sand or prime my little box, so this resulted in several layers of paint.  Rule for painting, sand and prime!  Do as I say, not as I do.  It will save you a ton of time in the long run.


After my multiple layers of paint were dry, I finished off the box with a pretty crown emblem that I snagged from simply looking at the crown key holders above the door and I put a strip of grey over the top to tie it all together.  Too cute!

032113103646Ta-da!  Now I have a place for bills and invites to FA-bulous parties that won’t get simply thrown in the trash as soon as I come home in the mood to clean.

What do you think?

For my next project, maybe over the next few weeks, I will be creating an accent wall for the guest room.  For too long, it has been looking a little blank in there.  Time to start punching up the atmosphere in literally the most used room in my house.

So here are a few ideas…please help me pick!

Pick One: Oversized Favorit Lyrics


This is actually a decal you can find on ebay.  I am not going to lie…decals are harder to put up than just measuring, drawing and painting.  I would paint this myself.

Pick Two: A full on song or passage painted across the wall…


This pin is from  I really, really like the idea of an entire passage or song painted as well as color blocking it off…sort of like a frame.

Pick Three:  Lyric phrase over and over again…


This will definitely A.D.D. proof my visitors once they figure out it’s the same phrase used multiple times.  This is pulled from  LOVE that blog!

Pick Four: A light box behind the bed…accent4

This is gorgeous.  However, it will be the most expensive fix out of all of them.  Not to mention, I will have to get a stud finder to mount the thing.  Still very beautiful and shiny.  I love shinies!  I found this on apartment

Pick Five:  A silhouette style mural on colored accent wall…accent5

This is what originally inspired me to create an accent wall in the guest room.  I picked up this idea from

So, which will it be?  Sound off now or forever hold your peace.


8 thoughts on “The Morning Post

  1. I would either do the same phrase over and over, or the decal idea from the last picture. It would grate my nerves if I tried to put an entire song up on the wall and either the whole thing didn’t fit, or I had to start the song over near the bottom and couldn’t fit the entire thing again. Maybe I’m just OCD that way. I just love the dandelions. They are gorgeous! Hmm…maybe a dandelion decal? That wouldn’t be nearly as big a pain in the ass as the word decal would be. 🙂

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