Treehouse Update

Hello all.  My post is late, I apologize.  But you know what?  It’s jam packed full of awesome.  A few weeks ago, I ran around my house and took photos.  It’s been a while since the Treehouse has been in top form, and yes, I had to share.

Living Room


My post box is still doing its job.  I am very much in love with it.


Couchy is as comfy as ever and it feels very spacious in here without the Christmas decorations.  I am currently toying with the idea of repainting my coffee table.  And Theresa, if you are reading this…the green polka dotted box next to Couchy is yours.  It has your wedding gifts in it.  I am slack when it comes to going to the post office.


The bar is about the same from the last update.  I have finally framed some artwork of mine from high school and “springed” the mantle of the fireplace.  I really thought I wouldn’t have to use it anymore, but currently I am typing next to its warm glow.  Dang, Motha Naytcha, do betta!

Dining Room


I am really dying to put down laminate hardwoods in here.  I am so tired of the carpet.


My IKEA lamp is still holding up great, as is my dining hutch.  I am trying to figure out how to finish it.  More shelves maybe?


New tablescape for the Spring.  I need to have a dinner party here again soon.  Who’s in?

The Hallway


This hallway is my blank canvas for right now.  I have done absolutely nothing to it since I moved it.  Maybe a change in color or a new light fixture?  Pinterest, here I come!

The Kitchen


Ah, yes.  My never-ending project.  See the bags over the fridge?  Yeah, I need to do something about that…


My wine nook and music corner is set for the time being.  I am probably going to beef it up a bit over time.  Maybe add a built-onshelf or two.


Still have my pot rack in.  But the unused space in the corner is really starting to bug me.  When I get the funds, I am going to build out the countertops and put in a pantry.

The Balcony


 I have painted the ceiling as well as the trim.  Looks right lovely, it does.


I have since sold the grill and I am really looking forward to having some extra space outside.  And you bet I am going to have a book out there during the warm months.

The Bathroom


The sliding glass door is gone but that is about it.


I have a multitude of projects to complete.  Starting with the oversized vanity area.  I am planning on making it so two people can be getting ready for the day at one time. Right now though, it’s perfect for just me and Maddie staring at me from the counter in the mornings when I brush my teeth.

The Master Bedroom


I am happy to report this room is almost. ALMOST finished.


This is one of my favorite rooms in the house.  The bedside tables will get a makeover soon, as well.


I love this framed out wall.  But I am really, really hating the book case now.  Note to self, having a CD rack as a book case is no bueno, especially when you are as clumsy as me and you knock into it on a regular basis, scattering books everywhere!  This is going to be fixed soon.

The Guest/Exercise/Music/Cat/Office Room


One of my great talents is creating multi-purpose rooms.  The guest room is my masterpiece.  But it really hasn’t gotten much attention, with the exception of the office in my closet.


The closet has been painted inside and out!


My awesome office space in the closet!  I am very proud of the achievement here.  And I still have enough space for my summer clothes!


The space around the entertainment center is still a work in progress.  I can’t quite figure out what to do with it.  Thoughts?

So, that is the tour of the Treehouse as of that one day in March when it was literally 80 degrees outside and it felt fabulous.  I am about to begin another Spring project that I cannot wait to share with you all this week.  Have a great night. And again, sorry for the delay in posting.

Have any ideas or suggestions I should try for the Treehouse?  Comment below!


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