Skeletons in the Closet

Okay, so I really don’t have that many secrets, so to speak, but up until a few weeks ago, I was totally ashamed of something I had been hiding from the world.  This may come as a crazy thing since I have been so honest with everyone with the get-go but I have to share with you all what I have been hiding.


Oh my gosh, I can NOT believe I am doing this (covers face with hands and the head begins to sink down into a shameful shrug).  My hall closet really is the only official storage space in all of the Treehouse.  And because of this, over the years, it had become a random catch-all for whatever I simply did not have space for in the main house.  This is what happens when a DIY project throws up and needs to hide the evidence.

For starters, I have a ton of towels for a single girl.  Then there’s the paint brushes, the gift wrap, cat litter, vacuum, tools…you name it, it’s in there.  Where, I was not entirely sure.  And that was becoming a HUGE problem when I needed a screwdriver handy.

I dragged everything out into the light so that the shelves were totally empty and I even threw out some odds an ends, especially along the gift wrap side of the closet.


Now my closet has levels of organization.  The higher you go, the less I actually use the stuff.  Being a short girl really bites when you have to reach to the top shelf for the hammer.  So many times that thing has landed on my foot.

Top Shelf: Paint and Paint Tools

Middle Shelf: Towels as well as a few random spare parts for appliances

Bottom Shelf: Tool box, tape, light bulbs, flashlight and emergency kit, nails, screws, and putty

Floor: Gift boxes, brooms, and vacuum

I can actually find stuff now!  It’s amazing! Now, on to the gift wrap section on the door.  This was a little tricky because I had been holding everything in the gift wrap caddy with an old sash from a dress I don’t even own anymore and scotch tape.  I got crafty though and decided to use a ribbon on one of the gift bags as the new holder.  Works like a charm.


The gift wrap doesn’t fall out in the floor anymore when I open the door, but the duct tape holding the tie on is a little, well, ugly.  I am currently searching for another option.  I stopped storing all the bags and gift wrap in the same spot and created two hangers for the gift bags so they are easy to obtain when I need them.  Just two little screws for the hanger, but they work great and look fine.


Last shot of the after.  Best part of the closet?  If I keep up with keeping it organized, I will never have to put on safari gear to go looking for my tool box ever again.  Thinking about prettying up the closet a little bit now that I can see the back of it.  I am thinking stripes.  Grey stripes.  Oooooo….

Have an out of control closet at home?  What are you doing to tame it?


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