Pinsperation: Bunting it Into Spring

Today it is supposed to be in the 60’s.  If the rumor is true, I am going to be spending half my day outside while I make my client calls and get people set up on home searches.  I love Spring.  Next to Fall, it is my favorite time of year.  The only reason it is second best is because of allergies.  I had a sneezing attack yesterday and, well, I can tell the pollen is back in full force.  The flowers are in bloom.  Speaking of, I was working last night around the Treehouse when I heard clambering up the the stairs and two small voices just tittering away.  I don’t get many visitors, mainly because I believe that the neighborhood kids regard me as the token crazy cat lady/witch (and the reason being is a really long story I will save for another day). I went to the door and there were these two little girls, maybe about five, one with red hair and the other a blond. I stood there for a second because they had really caught me off guard.  I had no idea what they wanted.  They asked me in unison, “Would you like a flower?”  They held up this little dinky wildflower and they both smiled up at me.


 I told them I would love a flower.  The blond replied quickly “That will be one cent.”  Ah, so there it was.  Door to door solicitation for wild flowers.  I couldn’t help but smile though as I said “Well, let me see if I can find a penny.”  I went and got one out of my change jar and brought it back to them.  They gave me the little flower, thanked me, and ran down the stairs making just as much excited noise as they did coming up.  I think one of them actually said “Wow, a whole penny!”  Yes, girls, and fifty of those might be able to buy you a handful of candy at the dollar store.  It was to cute, though.  It reminded me of when I was little and I made candles to sell to my teachers.  I did a lot of things to try to make money back in the day.  To see that the spirit of entrepreneurship is not dead was well worth the penny.  I would have given them two pennies if they had set the price a little higher.  Then I could have given them a lesson in negotiation.  I have the little flower sitting in a place of honor in my kitchen as a reminder of why I do what I do for a living.  For all the no’s or not now’s I get, there is always that sweet rush and success of a “yes.”

For a wrap up to the week, I wanted to share my latest Spring project, inspired by a Pinterest post.  It is no secret I love wreaths.  I am  a big fan of hoops and circles.  Why?  I have no idea but I just roll with it.


This is from a blog that I follow religiously.  Craftaholics Anonymous comes up with some great ideas.  The cuteness of this wreath and the promise of inexpensive materials was too good of an offer to refuse.

I bought all of my items at Wal-Mart.  I figure they would be less expensive than if I went to Michael’s.  Of course, last night I received an email from the chain that announced 40% off Easter stuff until tomorrow.  So, fellow craftaholics, have at!


The total cost of the materials was $20.69.  Not too bad.  Some of the items I was able to get on clearance as well so I ended up saving even more money.  Big tip?  If you are going to buy fabric, check the spare scrap bin first.

  • A yard a fabric for wrapping the wreath
  • White fabric, a yard, for the flowers. I would go with something really soft and silky so the flowers poof
  • A piece of white felt…
  • Foam wreath form.  I believe mine was 18 inches
  • Twine or string.  I used crochet string.  Just thick enough.
  • Wrapping paper for the bunting or you can use scrapbook paper or washi tape, which is what the original post uses
  • Nest or twig wreath.  Either works.
  • Faux flowers if you like…
  • Hot glue gun and sticks


Step One: Heat up the glue gun.  Cut the main fabric into two inch strips lengthwise to get more “mileage” out of the wrapping.  I had to use about 10 yard-long strips of fabric.  You may be wondering why you couldn’t just use ribbon, because fabric is just cheaper in the long run.  I got this fabric for $4.00.

Step Two: Set a starting point and adhere a fabric strip with the hot glue to the wreath at a slight angle.  Start to wrap the wreath as pictured above.  When you come to the end of a strip, glue it down, and begin a new strip.  The new strip will overlap the old and will, of course, have to be glued down.


Here is the finished wrapped wreath, with Maddie giving herself her daily bath in the middle.

Step Three: Cut out the bases of the flowers from the white felt.  You can use a water glass to get a good-sized circle.


Step Four: Cut the white fabric into four-inch squares.  Each flower will require 15-18 squares.  My two flowers that I made only needed 16.


Step Five:  To make a “petal” fold a square in half twice so it makes a smaller square.  Hold it on the folded corner side as shown above.


Step Six:  Round off the edges of the square with scissors so it creates a soft, petal-like cone shape.


Step Seven:  Take one felt circle, put a little hot glue on and press the folded corner of the petal on the felt.  Keep going until you have a flower base that looks like this.


Towards the end of the flower-making, the little cones will start to poof out a bit.  Once all the petals have been glued on, you can actually fluff the flower a little until it looks like this.  Repeat to make more flowers.  I only had enough fabric to make two.

Step Eight:  Glue on the nest and then attach the flowers.  I added a few sprigs of faux flowers in the nest just for kicks and giggles.  Glue those as well.


Step Nine: To create the bunting, cut rectangles of wrapping paper, washi tape, or scrapbook paper.  Attach the twine across the wreath to create a banner effect.  You can even tie off the ends with little bows and reinforce them with hot glue.  Once the twine is in place, fold the rectangles over the twine and glue them on.  Then cut a small triangle in the bottom of each rectangle to create the bunting.


Then you’re done!  Hang it on the door, on the wall, or use as a decoration on a bookshelf or fireplace.


So much fun and so easy.

What do think of this project?  Have any other great Spring decorating ideas you want to share?



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