Happy 21st!

It’s unreal that I am writing about this, because it feels like only yesterday she was in diapers, running around in cowboy boots, and lugging a ton of purses.  However, today my little sister is 21 years old.


Melanie studying with her Loki-bear. She is going to school to be a doctor

I am just going to use this post as a BIG FAT uber-public birthday card to my best girl.  When Mel was born in 1992, I am pretty sure I was not a fan.  I was an only child and didn’t like the idea of another kid taking up residence in the house.  I remember I would call Melanie “melon head” when she was a baby.  She was a cute baby but it really took me about….16years to appreciate her.  We fought all the time.  There wasn’t much downtime in between fights, either.  But once I went off to college and Melanie was at home with mom, we both mellowed out.  And that’s when a miracle occurred.  We became best friends.

Melanie went off to school to Charleston a couple years ago and I make an effort to visit her as much as I can.  My family actually went down over the weekend to visit her.  I had to stay in Charlotte for Vagina Monologues and keeping up the office and it really did hurt to be away from her.  I have made plans to go visit her in a couple weeks so we can celebrate her birthday in style.  In honor of the most brave, smart, amazing, gorgeous, and wonderful girl I know (crap, I am tearing up), I am going to complete a little survey just for her.

Mel at Run for Your Lives last year.  We are going to be running with the undead and JOINING them this year.

Mel at Run for Your Lives last year. We are going to be running with the undead and JOINING them this year.

Whats your sisters name? Melanie Buchanan  (Buchanan is our family name, Scottish heritage and all that)
Are you a big sis or a little sis? I am the big sister by 4 years.
How old is she?  Melanie is 21 years old today.
What is the age difference between the two of you? We are 4 years and change apart
Do you two have any nicknames for eachother? I call her Baby Girl.  She will always be that in my mind. She used to call me Shortie.  Moving along to the reason why.
Is she taller than you? She is I believe 5’10″/5’11”?  I am significantly shorter.  When we go out, people think she’s the older sister just off her height.  When she comes home with a new crush, her go to phrase about him is “He’s. Soooo. Tall!”  And then she squeals a lot. mel4
Would you consider her one of your best friends? She is my best friend.  We have carried each other through so much and I would probably kill for her if it meant protecting her.  It’s Mama Bear syndrome.
Do you talk everyday? We don’t but we text and Facebook and try to phone one another at least once a week.
Do the two of you live together? Nope.  We haven’t lived together for 7 years.  I think that may be the reason why we’re so close now.  Two alphas hanging out in close quarters.  Nope.
Where do each of you live? I live in Rock Hill.  She lives in Charleston.  With a roomie who’s birthday is ALSO today.  How nuts is that?mel6
Who do you think is the better looking of the two of you? It’s funny because each of us thinks that the other is better looking.  Mel is tall, athletic, and has big blue/green eyes and used to be a model.  Everything she wears looks absolutely fabulous on her and her personality just adds to the attractiveness.  I have men who have met her only once asking about her on a daily basis.  She is that kind of gorgeous.  The kind of girl you want to take your time with, take home to mom, marry and have a life with because she is beyond “just pretty.”  On a pretty scale of 1-10, she is Pi.  Infinity. But I am biased.
What is your fondest memory of each other? There are so many.  But a few of the memories, I can actually share on the blog.  Melanie has an epic sense of humor.
When we were coming back from the latest zombie run, Mel suddenly turned up her radio and proclaimed “This is my jam!”
What do you pick on them most about? Probably her pickiness when it comes to men.  They don’t really have to be decent human beings…just tall.  It ticks me off sometimes but she has been happily single for a while.
What does she pick on you most about? My urge to get married.  She pointed at me during our last visit and accused “You RUN to the altar!  You don’t walk!  You are always running!” She’s right, though.  I am insane.
Which one of you is “the good one”?  Oh geez.  I plead the fifth on this one.  I don’t think either of us is perfect but as far as turn outs go, we are spectacular offspring.
Do you fight often? Not anymore.
Who usually wins? Seeing as we are both girls, there was a lot of psychological warfare.  We found ways to get on each other’s nerves.  Just depended on who you asked.
Did you attend the same school ever? Nope. Mom and Dad planned it out perfectly.
If so, did she act like she knew you, or ignore you? I got ignored every now and then, but then again, so did she.
Did you ever take the blame for something your sister did? I am pretty sure there was a time. But the biggest thing was we got into a fight when she was about 6 and I was 10.  I accidentally broke her arm.  I felt so bad, but I pleaded with her not to tell mom.  We staged her falling off her bike and coming in with it all broken.  We came clean about it a year or so ago.  I still feel horrible about it.
Did you ever break the law together? Not really, no. But there are a lot of silly laws out there that I don’t think should be in place but that’s another story for another day.
What is the worst trouble you got into together? Well, that I am taking to my grave.  Hehehe!  But the second story?  I would think the “bike” incident.
Would you take a bullet for your sister? Completely.
Whats your favorite thing about your sister?  Her originality and her genuine nature.  She is so amazing. 
Whats your least favorite thing about her? She’s stubborn.  Once she has made her mind up about something, she sees it through.  Even if, in the back of her mind, she knows it’s going to turn out bad.  I guess you could say she’s an optimist.
Have the two of you ever fought over a guy? Not in that sense.
Do you want to be just like your sister? No.  Because then everything that makes her so wonderful wouldn’t be nearly as special. 
Do you share clothes?  Okay, I am going to come clean.  I used to steal her clothes.  I am a bad sister, I know.  But she has such a better sense of style than I did. I would sneak into her room all the time and “borrow” her clothes.   
Do you wish you had more sisters? Nope, she’s enough awesome.

Do you consider your sister your best friend? She is my best girl friend.  But she is also my oldest, dearest, and closest to my heart.

Leave your comments and love for the birthday girl!


4 thoughts on “Happy 21st!

  1. I love the survey! I’d like to do one for Luke. Might steal this one. My favorite thing is, “On a pretty scale of 1-10, she is Pi.” I laughed so hard at that. Happy Birthday to your sister!

    PS – how do you accidentally break an arm?

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