Wedding Wednesday: Through All Time and Space

Good morning, everyone!  It’s my favorite day of the week, Wednesday!  Mainly because tomorrow I get a FULL DAY OFF!  Oh me, the excitement is killing me.  It’s also a great day for geeks everywhere, because I am going to share some fabulous Whovian wedding details.  It was bound to happen, we all know this.  Thanks to Caty for sending me to to create my little “mood boards.” I will definitely have to do a special product review on that website.


From Left to Right:

  • You can create a special little Tardis board for your big day, or simply buy it on Etsy: Image Source
  • Nothing is more awesome than a paper flower bouquet, or any flower bouquet for that matter, wrapped in copper wiring and secured with a sonic screwdriver.  Image Source
  • Your guests will freak out with geekish delight at the awesome Tardis favor boxes you have set up.  These you can print out on card stock and fold away to your two heart’s content.  See what  did there?  You’re welcome. Image Source.
  • I adore these cards.  These are perfect to send to your “sweetie” or “companion” before the wedding.  You can even take it a step further and have these as rider signs for the head table chairs.  Image Source.


  • So my best lady Chanssee has been threatening to make these for a while: Sonic Screwdrivers.  A delightful signature drink to add to the usual wine and beer fare.  Image Source.  Recipe.
  • Table decorations get an extra punch when you include sweet little caricatures of the 11 doctors.  Image Source.
  • Include the day’s itinerary on this awesome black board, featuring Tardis and Dalek!  Image Source.
  • I am a big Ten fan.  Yes, I do fantasize about seeing Tim at the end of the altar wearing a blue pinstripe suit and maroon chucks.  Le sigh.  Image Source.


  • Invite your guests in style.  Easy to make opening Tardis wedding invites will definitely get your wedding party into the time-traveling spirit.  Image Source.
  • Take your love through all time and space with these Galifrean wedding bands.  Image source.
  • Don’t have a ton of money for ceremony decorations  Why not hang a few refurbished blue paned windows for your archway?  So gorgeous!  Image source.
  • Your table decorations can mimic the galaxies.  Image source.


  • Your nails will be exactly what The Doctor ordered.  Bow ties, daleks, and Tardis’, oh my!  Image Source.
  • So yeah, you could totally do the Tardis cake.  But why not pay tribute to one of the greatest Doctor Who episodes ever made?  I was absolutely weepy over the Van Gogh episode (Bill Nighy’s in it, come on!)  Image Source.
  • Wear this pendant that marks the love of Rory and Amy, the girl who waited.  One of the greatest quotes ever: Together or Not At All.  Image Source.
  • Bow ties are cool.  Great for a more simple back yard garden wedding.  Image Source.

Now for the coup-de-gras.  You HAVE to watch this video!  It’s a little too staged and hokey for me, but the details are jaw dropping.

Check out my Whovian Wedding Board!

Do you have a special “geek” quirk that you have to pay tribute to on your special day?  Leave a message below in the comments!


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