Lose 10 Pounds in a Year!

This post is dedicated to everyone affected by the terrorism in Boston.  It’s disheartening to find so many lives of people who have such a high value for life lost and hurt by those who clearly have no cares for it at all.  Thoughts and prayers for all those involved, especially first responders.

It’s Tuesday.  Feels like I have been accelerating through this week without many breaks.  This past weekend, I dragged out my summer clothes and even got several new outfits thanks to my mom.  I was pleased though when I tried on my clothes from last summer and they were either baggy or fit with a little give.  Last summer, weighing in at 139 pounds, I made a promise to myself to get healthier.  I weighed myself last Saturday and I clocked in at 129 pounds and some change.  I have had a lot of comments on my new figure and I decided I would share my tools for getting to where I am now.

Starting Weight: 139

Chest: 36″

Waist: 30″

Hips: 39″


Me last summer, sucking down a sugar-drenched butterbeer from Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  Later on that day, I had ice cream, a stacked sandwich, and a full dinner after that.

Today’s Weight: 129

Chest: 35.5″

Waist: 29″

Hips: 37″


This was taken of me Saturday.  Pardon the weird face.  Saturday I had eggs for breakfast, split a sandwich for lunch with mom, and then half of a sandwich and sweet potato fries for dinner.  Because my body slowly became acclimated to eating smaller portions, I am able to eat less and still be full.

My workout routine for a week looks something like this:

Monday: Zumba 20 minutes, Biggest Loser DVD, and Jillian Michaels DVD.  Each for 20 minutes

Tuesday: P90-X legs and back as well as Ab-Ripper X

Wednesday: Zumba for an hour

Thursday: p90-x Shoulders and Arms

Friday: Run 4 miles

Saturday: Zumba, Biggest Loser, and Jillian Michaels

Sunday: Rest

Having the toning exercises really helped.  You can do cardio all day but the only way to build muscle, sculpt your body, and slim down is through strength training.  You will also notice that none of these exercises required a gym.  I would work with DVD’s, my Wii console, and took the rest outside when I ran.

The hardest part of any fitness program is food.  I. Love. Food!  It’s a huge problem.  I signed up for MyFitnessPal.com, entered in my weight and goals and they came back with a food program to complement the weight loss.  I also love a glass of wine or two at the end of the day.  I had to cut back on my alcohol consumption, but doing so saved me quite a bit of money, as well.  I call it a win/win.  It’s so simple in the end.  People can give you the “instant fixes” but that’s what they are: instant.  The weight will come right back.  Fitness is a lifestyle, not a phase.  Do I partake in greasy foods, carbs, and beers with my friends on occasion?  Heck yes, I do.  But for the rest of the week, I find delicious ways to work lean protein, fruits, and vegetables into my eating as well.  I also eat smaller meals.  Tim pokes fun at me and says I eat like a bird, but I really don’t.  To the naked eye, yeah, my plate size is a quarter even half of what I used to eat.  But I eat more frequently as well so I am hardly ever “starving.”

My next fitness goal is to run a half marathon.  I have really missed running during the winter.  I plan to get back at it hardcore in May.

Do you have any fitness goals that you want to meet this year?






3 thoughts on “Lose 10 Pounds in a Year!

  1. I love how you said, “Fitness is a lifestyle, not a phase.” It’s so true. I’ve lost a decent bit of weight too, although I’m not as close to my goal weight as I’d like to be. Since last January, I’ve lost a little over 20 pounds. Different things work for different people, but taking up running and eating smaller portions is what did it for me. I’m very happy to hear that you’re happy with your weight, because that’s all that matters!

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