Window Shopping: Springtime at Target

I can’t do a reveal yet, but I am currently painting the TARDIS blue great room.  I am not going to lie, I teared up a little bit when I painted over my Tardis Sweet Tardis art but it will forever live in the blogosphere, so this is all that matters.  And it’s not like I can’t make another one.  I mean, I’m awesome.  I have one full wall down in the Treehouse.  Tim is coming over today with his ladder and we are going to tackle as much as possible today and tonight.  I have a little double date scheduled for next Sunday so the room needs to at least be painted by then.  Let’s take a moment to remember the awesome that was my Great Room painted circa 2009.


The wall behind the couch was the first to get the paint job.  One big thing that will be changing besides the walls is the coffee table which I painted when I was 19. Wow, how time flies.

DSCN1219The blue really complemented the painting in the dining area.  I did test out my celtic grey paint next to it and it looks just fine.MPC00072399-2

I can’t wait to have an update for you after the weekend is over.  Guess what else is going?  If you said the carpet then you guessed right.  I am going to put down resilient vinyl plank in the living/dining room as well as the hallway. c7196896-1c4c-4a5d-ab89-7e434725b09f_300

Time for a change.


Last one.  Ahhh…I will miss you blue room.  But really, it is time for a little bit more of a cohesive, grown up look.  So while the makeover is being completed, here is what Tim and I did last week: window shopping at Target!  We didn’t buy a thing, just day dreamed about all the awesome stuff we could buy for the summer time if we had the funds to do so.


Disclaimer: This picture was taken before I went to Charleston on Friday.  For those of you who don’t know, Charleston is a HUGE bike city.  Melanie and I actually rode our bikes half of the weekend.  They are also hot commodities.  Over the past few years she has lived there, I think Melanie’s bike has been stripped of tires or just stolen all together at least twice.  Funny thing though, her bike is not a cruiser, which is what is pictured above.  Cruisers are great for one thing only: cruising.  They aren’t good for hilly areas, getting around fast, or anything beyond just riding along leisurely somewhere like the beach.  In Charleston, cruisers are considered trash and no one wants them and no one even cares to steal them.  We had to strap up our road bikes with quite a bit of hardware to prevent theft.  But someone left out their cruiser for days, no chain, no lock, nothing.  Didn’t even get touched.  However, if you are a fan of leisurely bike rides along the beach feel free.  I personally love the design of the bike.  Too bad I intend to do a lot more than just cruise.


Tim has dreams of corn hole tournaments in his head.  I don’t blame him.  This looks like a ton of fun.  Setting this up in the back yard at his place and inviting the family and friends over for barbecue sounds awesome.


This is nothing special.  Pool noodles are almost a dime a dozen but for what you pay, they go above and beyond the call of duty.  One of my clients bought a house with a pool last year and I promised them pool noodles.  Once it gets warm out, they are going to get a surprise!


So we have been talking about a camping trip for a while.  I am a pyromaniac and Tim just likes being outside.  Together we will strive in nature…at least for a couple days and I begin to bellyache about the lack of shower facilities.  We decided to shop for tents to get inspired for the big camping trip.  Maybe June on the Appalachian Trail.  Hmmm…sounds sweet!


The screened porch at my house could quite easily get new furniture but this is more for my dream screened porch that I will one day have.  And Tim is looking for new cushions for his outdoor furniture.  This is just a great set!  Love it!


I love pitchers.  They are great for making summer drinks, watering flowers, or using them as make shift vases.  I really just liked the design on the side.


The ocean is making a comeback this summer.  I am seeing a ton of coral and drift wood design popping up in stores.  This would go great in the guest room.


These candles are prettily designed and they smell awesome.  I am a maniac for candles!  Can you tell?042113171947

It wouldn’t be the Treehouse without a few birds.  I almost bought these tea light holders for the dining room table but figured I would wait a beat of my wings or two.  Awful pun, I really need to do better.042113172245

Yes, this is my man in a pink bungee chair. Don’t worry, there was a blue one too.  He recently cleaned out his spare room and wanted to have an easy chair to take out for gaming and then put away when it wasn’t in use.  He gives this chair two thumbs up.  042113172411

I love these stools.  I am still looking for additional seating for the living room.  These would be pretty alternatives.  Of course, I can already see Maddie curled up on them, spreading the cat hair love.

So what do you think about the Great Room Makeover?  Be nice, I have already invested in the paint so there’s no reason in telling me this is the worst idea ever.  I will take constructive feedback, though.  Like any of the Target Spring/Summer items above?  Already purchased some stuff of your own?  I want to hear about it.  Leave a comment below!


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