The New Treehouse: Living Room Update

Happy Monday!  It was a very busy weekend, not to mention last week was a whirlwind.  I am finally rounding the corner of a very-much anticipated closing on a short sale I have been working on since February.  It’s really been a long time coming.  Word from the wise:  do not pursue a short sale if you are short on time.  This one has dragged out since August.  With everything going on, it seems impossible that I was able to paint my 8-12 foot ceiling great room all by myself.  But I did!

Okay, I promise this is the last ode to the Tardis that I do for a while.  Here is the living room before.  It’s a very awesome, poppy color.  But instead of being relaxing, it often made me feel a little, well…blue at times.  The color was very dark and during my depression, I found that I hated attempting to relax in this room.  Not to mention I had made a few mistakes on the ceiling when I originally painted a few years ago, and those blue spots were bugging me.  Of course, you could never tell from my pictures.


I set out to find the perfect paint color to bring my early-twenties decorated great room into my later twenties new-found style.  In the beginning, I was actually thinking grey.  Yeah, grey.  Dodged a bullet there.  What was the saving factor?  I went to visit my future sister in law a few weeks ago for her kids’ birthdays (I am just going to go and call it what it is; Tim and I are getting married one day).  She is a color fiend like me; I was happy to find paint swatches on her upstairs rooms and in her great room, I beheld the most beautiful blue: Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore.


I HAD to have that color!  Of course, I couldn’t afford Benjamin Moore.  I settled for the next best thing: Behr Premium Plus with primer. The color?  Celtic Green, a lovely blue-green-grey.  I loaded up my cart with 3 gallons of the paint, just under $100, as well as a few other needed knick-knacks.


Wednesday night, I completed two coats on the first wall.  It only took me about 3 hours, cutting in and rolling twice. I was so excited about the end result but man, was I tired.  I was a total zombie at karaoke that night, and I resolved that I needed some help.  I asked Tim to come over on Thursday with his ladder and we would take on the room together.  However, I also knew that Thursdays are usually Tim’s sleep in days.  So I was well prepared to do the whole thing alone.  Sure enough, Tim was totally dead to the world Thursday once I got off work, so I snuck in under the radar and borrowed his ladder to get the extra high parts taken care of.  Not going to lie, I was really dumb for not having a spotter at some points.  Did I mention my ceiling at it’s highest point is 12 feet?  I know right?  I have a death wish.


My least favorite part of the entire project: moving the ladder around.  I had to pile everything in the middle of the floor and then move the ladder around it.  I got a lot of bruises from running into things.  The higher the ceiling became, the more tedious moving around, cutting in, and rolling was.  By the time Tim came over around 7:30, I was shaking from exhaustion.  Not to mention, I was probably high from the paint fumes.  Suddenly, I remembered the reason why I waited so long to paint that room.  Because painting by yourself is no bueno.  On a happy note, I listened to The Who radio on Pandora while I painted.  Truly one of the best radio stations EVER!  Had everything from The Who, Cream, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Hendrix…I could go on but we have to get to the reveal.



In between the coats drying, I decided that since I was in a painting mood, I might as well not stop.  I love my Nana’s bird prints that I got, but the gold frame was a little outdated.  I finished the frames off with a little white enamel paint.  I still need to distress them a bit before they are totally ready.


As you may recall, upon entry, the dining room was was right in your face from the beginning.  I never really thought how much of a waste of space this was, not to mention the fireplace was eons away from the couch.


I am going to blame this brilliant idea on Tim.  He just said, ” Why don’t you switch the couch around so it’s on the big wall and put the dining room next to the kitchen?”  Brilliant!  Even more brilliant.  Also Tim: “Since there’s only two of us eating here most of the time, you can use the additional two dining chairs as seating for when company comes over.”  See?  The man is an interior design genius!  It looks so much better now.  So warm and welcoming.  What do you think of the color, by the way?  I love it!


The new color really makes my Charleston painting POP!  It blended in well with the Carribean blue, however, this color coordinates and makes the painting stand out.


The bar area before.  It was cute but I felt it was being under-utilized, especially with the fireplace being next to the dining table.  I think I wasted quite a bit of energy this winter by not thinking that the couch would fit.


I did some creative art moving and now the bar and fireplace area are so much more cohesive.  I actually turned on the fireplace over the weekend since it was so cold and rainy.  It was so warm and nice, I took my first nap in months!  Love it!


I was a little skeptical about switching the rooms around, but, in the end everything fits just fine.  In fact, I found I have a little extra space to play with. The now vacated wall needs something to anchor it a little bit and I have just the thing!  I got it at Goodwill today and I can’t wait to have it in my dining room. Hmmmm…whatever could it be?


It’s official, folks.  I am beginning to grow up a little bit…well, when it comes to my style, at least.

What do you think?


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