Dressing It Up

Wowwy, it has been insane this week.  The busy season is upon us, boys and girls!  Yesterday, my family and I went to Atlanta to audition for Family Feud.  I will be sure to write a little blurb on that, but 12 hours in the car with no internet access is torture.  I am addicted, it is true.  But what I was even more sad about was that I had to wait a day to share my newest addition to the dining area.


I have been on the hunt for a great buffet table to put my extra dishes, placemats, and table runners.  So many table runners.  There wasn’t enough space in the bar for it all.  I found the absolute perfect buffet at the Habitat ReStore, but it had already sold and was waiting to be picked up.  Tease.  I called a few sellers on Craigslist and posted an “in search of” message.  Nothing came of that.  My friend Jeannie told me there was a great dresser at Goodwill in Lancaster going for $50.  I hightailed it down there first thing on Monday.  10 seconds and $50 later, the dresser was in the back of my dad’s van.  Tim helped me carry it up, and we were surprised that, for a solid wood dresser it was rather light.  Not bad at all. 




And here it sits in the dining area.  You know me, it will probably get finished out or at least a little more distressed.  For right now, I am going to let it sit and become a part of the room before I make any big decisions.  I am very much in love with it, though.  This Sunday I am hosting a little get together at The Treehouse, AKA Tim and his karaoke buddy working on the Baxter Karaoke contest videos and me and Verdantlee blogging.  But I am so very excited. 

Have some ideas for the dining hutch?  Send your pins and comments my way! 

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