Coffee Tables are for the Birds

Happy Monday, everyone.  I hope that your Mother’s Days were absolutely amazing.  Mine certainly was.  Sadly, though, my mom is all the way across the country with my dad in San Francisco.  Poor baby, right?  My parents are celebrating 27 years of “marriage” (mom’s words, not mine) this trip and both of them are having a well deserved break.  We will celebrate whenever they get back.

I got to spend Mother’s Day with my love as well our friends, Holly and Mike.  The boys worked tirelessly in the guest room on the Baxter Karaoke competition videos and Holly and I spent the afternoon blogging.  Oh, and Tim made his world famous pulled pork barbecue.  Sooooo good.  Really quick…Holly has a blog!  Go visit it here!

But I was also rather busy this weekend, and not with work either (big surprise).  I was able to knock out a few home projects, including mulching my garden.  That’s simple enough, though, but if you want the specifics you can visit this post.  I sure did for the amount of mulch bags I actually needed.  The project this time only cost me $10.  Yay Lowe’s for having a special on mulch.

The big project this weekend was neutralizing my coffee table in the living room.  I bought the table at Goodwill back in college, painted it for days on end and it has followed me from college to The Treehouse.


It really is a gorgeous table.  For a while it was a conversation piece.  Now that I have “adultified” the colors in the living room, though, the rest of my furniture needs to follow suit.  I needed to capture a few photos of my teenage masterpiece before I totally revamped it.  A table like this works great in a college dorm, apartment, or even a child’s room.  Just in case you wanted to pin it.


Detail shot of the peacock’s head…


Detail shot of the plumage…Lovely plumage.  Yeah, I had to throw in a little Monty Python for good measure. table3

The repainting of the table project was actually very simple.  It only took me about 2 hours and less than $10.  As always, sanding and primer are must-haves with any wood painting project.  I sanded down the table, wiped it off, and put on two coats of primer.  Since the primer was oil-based it sticks better to the table and it dried in a matter of minutes.

For the lavender color, I used Valspar from Lowe’s Moonlight Mist paint sample.  Coverage was very simple.  For the trim I use ultra white trim paint and Home Depot’s Glidden seal grey in sample.  With the way I paint furniture, I really don’t see the point in keeping huge paint cans around.  Always use samples if you have small pieces to paint.


It looks infinitely more neutral now. But there were a few extra details to take care of.  The key is to have steady hands, which I did NOT have Saturday.  I blame it on the coffee.


The underside of the table was honestly the hardest part.  All the grooves and bends in the wood were hard to paint and keep smooth.  And yes, I got frustrated at points.


The final detail was adding a little unique flair to the table.  It was fine as is, but, you know me.  I need a little umph in my furniture.  I bought an awesome stencil at Micheal’s which was originally $5. I got it for $3 with a coupon.  It literally took me a whole of 2 minutes to paint on the bird on a branch design with the stencil.  This was my first time working with a stencil and I must admit, even with my artsy tendencies, I am a total convert. Finally, I topped it all off with a glossy polyurethane coating that took about 15 minutes to dry.  I am currently working on coasters for the table so I can set my coffee and down without having to worry about stains.

The table fits in great with the home décor now.  The next thing to be done is the floor.  Tackled any home projects this weekend? My neighbors built a pergola on their back deck over the weekend; mighty impressive.  Share your blog links!  I would love to see what you came up with.


One thought on “Coffee Tables are for the Birds

  1. I LOVE this. It looks beautiful. From all the far-away views of the old table, I always thought the three pink feathers were fish in water. Weird. Peacock is much better. 😛

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