Real Wedding: Nice Day for An Apple-White Wedding

Happy Wedding Wednesday, everyone!  I am so pleased to introduce my newest addition to the blog: Real Weddings.  It has taken a while to get the courage up to ask a few people if it’s alright sharing their weddings on my blog but the general consensus is that they are just excited as me to share their wedding with the world!

My first couple, Kristen and Eric are just too cute.  The sweetness and love in the details will make you tear up a little bit.  I interviewed Kristen, an old childhood friend of mine, about her nuptials in March.  Check out the awesome touches like the apple decor and even a mustache flask!


MARCH 9, 2013

Photo Copyright Travis Bell

Photo Copyright Travis Bell

Kristen & Eric Applewhite

Wedding Date: March 9th, 2013

Wedding Location: 701 Whaley- Columbia, SC

Bride Occupation: Interior Designer

Groom Occupation: Process Improvement Engineer

How many guests: 115

Photo Copyright Travis Bell

Photo Copyright Travis Bell

Ceremony: We aren’t in any way a traditional couple, so we wanted to keep the ceremony simple and quick. It was held upstairs at 701 in the Olympia room. We didn’t have a flower girl so we lined rose petals down the aisle. Light green drapery at the end of the aisle with white lanterns hanging in front. The ring bearer carried a box down instead of a pillow. We did end up using unity sand in the ceremony.The service lasted for almost 30 minutes. Everything went smoothly and it was beautiful!

Photo Copyright Travis Bell

Photo Copyright Travis Bell

Biggest Challenge: Finding the perfect wedding shoes. I went everywhere and couldn’t find the perfect blue. I ended up finding my dream wedding shoes online, spent more than I should have but they were perfect!


Photo Copyright Travis Bell

Creative Aspects used: Our last name is Applewhite, so our wedding planner incorporated green apples throughout the reception area. We had the caterers cut up apples and have a variety of toppings: Chocolate, peanuts, oreo crumble and white chocolate chips. Everyone loved them! She also placed a small tree on the table with the food. Hanging from them were apples that guests could pick, along with the one’s in baskets. She also printed off a heart with mine and Eric’s initials on it, it was too cute!


Photo Copyright Travis Bell

Biggest thing you saved money on: The favors. Many weeks before I ordered small bags from online and had the idea of putting mints in them for guests. We bought multiple bags of dessert mints form the store and put them in the bags. I made a tag for each bag that said,”Mint to be- Kristen & Eric Applewhite-March 9th,2013″. It was a small gift but left the guests remembering our special day.


Photo Copyright Travis Bell

Best Advice: Get a wedding planner!! I’m a designer but there was no way I was going to try and plan a wedding on my own. I had multiple ideas on how I wanted everything to look, but she put it all together and made it happen. The great thing about it was she had everything I needed in stock, so we didn’t have to buy anything. That was also a great way to save a lot of money. It was more beautiful than I imagined, I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding planner. Everything flowed perfectly and I was stress free. Brides may think they can do it all themselves and save money but it’s not worth the hassle. If you want to enjoy it without worrying about every detail, you need a wedding planner!

Photo Copyright Travis Bell

Photo Copyright Travis Bell

Biggest Splurge: The wedding venue. From the beginning we didn’t want an outdoor wedding and wanted to get married in Columbia. There weren’t many locations that were inside, then I found 701. Right from the start I knew that it was the perfect venue. I think it was a little more than my dad wanted to spend but he would do anything for his little girl. In the end, he knew it was the perfect location for our wedding. A little history on the building. It was used for many things, It was once considered “The Y”. It included a bowling alley, library, auditorium, gymnasium, pool and dance hall. In 2000 a portion of the roof caved in and the City of Columbia condemned the building and was on the brink of tearing it down. It was purchased in 2006 with the goal of preserving and restoring the iconic facility to its original appearance. Today, it’s the building Eric and I, along with many others, that hold the memories of the perfect wedding day.923100_10101436674754197_1021249179_n

Most memorable moment: As the officiant says, “You may now kiss your bride”, Eric throws his arm up with a balled up fist. It was so him and it made for a great picture! Our photographer told us, “I’m approaching 500 weddings and it’s my favorite kiss shot of all time.”972836_10101441803286577_643942763_n

Funniest Moment: My dad dancing to Cotton eyed Joe, he was hillarious.

Photo Copyright Travis Bell

Photo Copyright Travis Bell

Vendor ❤:

Event Planning & Design: By Invitation Only...

Catering: Southern Way Catering

Photographer: Travis Bell 

Venue: 701 Whaley

Entertainment: Party Time DJ’s

Wedding Cake: Cakes & More by Pierre

Flowers: Winonas Flowers

DJ Motion Pictures

Hair and Makeup: Austral Salon. (They were all fabulous)

Photo Copyright Travis Bell

Photo Copyright Travis Bell

A HUGE thank you to Kristen and Eric for letting me feature them as my first couple.  This was a joy being able to share their experience.  If you are a bride to be or have already tied the knot and you want to be featured on my new Real Wedding Wednesdays, fill out the form below!  I would like to feature a new wedding once a month!  Who wants to be the June Bride?

Disclaimer: does not intend to seek out compensation from vendors featured on this blog.


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