Friday Thoughts: I Think Apartment Therapy Hates Me and Why It’s Okay

I am a blog addict.  I subscribe to roughly 10 blogs and check an additional four daily.  Yes, I have a serious problem.  Now that I have revealed my secret addiction to the world, I really need to get something off my chest.  Since I moved in to The Treehouse, I have been head over heels in love with the posts on  With a multitude of bloggers and at least 10-15 posts in a day, it really does fulfill my interior design snooping problem.  The site, if you are not familiar with it, offers readers great solutions to small space conundrums and more importantly features guest bloggers’ tricked out homes.

Picture Courtesy of

Picture Courtesy of

What you see above is the floorplan for one of the many lucky entrants into the Small Contest they are running, which I happened to enter a few weeks ago.  This is not the first entry I have made with Apartment Therapy.  Two of the previous entries to the renowned site weren’t even for contests.  What I find with the site is that they are indeed wading through thousands of submissions a day, and I know they are more than likely held up when they finally get around to the ideas I have sent to them.  What stinks is I have seen a few of my ideas submitted on the website, just with another blogger attached to the idea, and usually in higher definition photos.  Damn it!  Foiled by the expensive cameras again.

Over the year I have been submitting, I have actually become a little disillusioned with the site.  Even from time to time, I have wondered if my house is actually pretty. What was I doing wrong? Why didn’t the editors want to feature my awesome house?  I was like Charlotte York from Sex and the City with her dream to be in Better Homes and Gardens.  I think up until just now, I was obsessed with making my house not only fascinating and wonderful to myself but to the rest of the world, as well.  It really began to feel like a burden. That’s when I had to ask myself when I was tirelessly working on some trendy home improvement project: Is it worth it?  Is it making me happy?

Of course, the obvious answer is “no.”  I am aware that I sometimes make risky design decisions with my house but at the end of the day they make me happy to come home to if I know I did it for myself.  I am not a fan of dreading doing anything to please someone else.  My house is beautiful in it’s own way.  I have built it up from the blank canvas that it was, nursed this poor little foreclosed condo back into something beautiful, something that is all mine.  When I have guests over, they marvel at the newest solution or design I have implemented.  When I come home, I feel totally at peace and this is what makes me happier than anything else on the planet.  And for my readers who have been commenting, liking, or sometimes even sharing my posts, you make the sharing my life with total strangers worth the while.


I may never get my own little feature piece on what is still one of my favorite blogs (we’re still cool Apartment Therapy) but I have my own little slice of Heaven sitting amongst the trees.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Do I have any other DIY/interior design/wedding bloggers out there who have tried to move up to the blogging big leagues?  Did you make it?  I would love to hear your stories.  Leave your thoughts below in the comment box.

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