I Love Lamp

All Anchorman jokes aside (by the way, is anyone else excited about the sequel coming this summer?), I really do love this lamp.  I had been stalking Goodwill for a few weeks, just waiting on the perfect lamp for the guest room.  Finally I found one!  And I got the lamp as well as the shade for under $10!

051613183435When I bought the lamp, I was going to paint it grey or yellow, but I decided to keep it as-is for the time being.  The green is nice.  I did, however, want to add a punch of color to the lamp shade.  Chevron has become a big interior design trend, and I wanted to add it on a smaller scale just to test it out a little before I committed to the pattern completely.

051613173407For this you’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • Blue painter’s tape.  I was cheap and had some wider painter’s tape hanging out in the hall closet.  Thinner the better, though.  You’ll see why in a few.
  • Paint.  I used the same grey paint I have on the closet doors in the guest room so it matches nicely.
  • Brush or sponge.  I used a brush but I have a feeling the sponge spreads easier.

I established the lines with the painter’s tape.  The up close shot lets you see how to overlay the tape.  Just make sure your lines are clean when you are creating the pattern.

051613175151If you are using thinner painter’s tape and not the wide like I did, this paint job is a cinch.  Just continue the pattern upwards on the lamp and paint away.  However, if you are lazy or brave, or both like me, you can also “free hand” the additional pattern by using the blue tape on the bottom as a guide.  It really wasn’t that hard.  Paint a band on the very top of the lamp shade so it frames the pattern.  It gives it a cleaner look.

051613183447Once it’s dry, you’re done!  I painted this just before my house guest Jessica came over last week.  She had a light to read by and she didn’t have to jump out of the guest bed to turn off the overhead light.  Nice.  Plus, the soft glow from the lamp is infinitely more homey.

051613183503The guest room is really coming together.  I will hopefully be tinkering with making some shelves for my DIY entertainment cabinets soon. 

Have any big plans for the Memorial Day weekend?


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