I Swear I’m Not Gone

Mom is just out of the office again this week which means I am SWAMPED in the worst way.  I am currently counting the days until Myrtle Beach.  So far I am on my 10th day straight working.  It’s not too bad, i feel major accomplishment and great success but I just seriously tired.  Over the weekend, I thought I had developed an ulcer from all the stress.  The pain I felt lasted for 4 days.  I am actually feeling better today which makes me very very happy.

I am NOT yet done with my bathroom remodel, or so Tim tells me.  I have a few more tiles to lay down but right now, it is an ugly mess. I am giving everyone here a personal invite to come over and help me.  I got the HVAC system installed last Thursday and it has been glorious having air conditioning.  Best part is that it did not cost me an arm and a leg.  So yay for that.

I have started drawing again.


These are the first four doctors from Doctor Who.  I have 5-8 done as well.  Just my favorite 3 to finish.

That’s me for right now.

Cheers!  Leave me some love in the comment box below.


Wedding Wednesday: Lazy Day Pinning

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