Better Bathroom Overhaul: Day 2

The bathroom renovation is moving right along at present.  All last week, I lived with the color of the new cabinets, and debated on what t actually paint the bathroom as well as what color tile to purchase. Here’s where I left off last weekend.  The cabinets I thought were going to be the hardest part.  Man, was I wrong.


I really loved the white floors in the bathroom, they just needed to be installed correctly.  On Saturday, I went to Home Depot with mom and she helped me pick out the floors for the bathroom.  Spoiler alert: I got the exact same vinyl peal and stick tile floors.  They are currently acclimating to the condo for the next few days until I am ready (or have the energy) to install them.  Stripping down the bathroom was pretty much a cinch.  Just a mirror and medicine cabinet were the most difficult to remove.

DSCN1430Afterwards, I swung by Home Depot (again) and picked up the paint for the bathroom.  I decided to go with a color that would compliment the paint in the living room but not totally match it.  The paint color I chose was Behr’s Gray Morning, a darker grey/blue/green.  I matched the blue accents in my shower curtain, as well.

As I was getting ready to cut in to the wall, though, I noticed that the tile in the bathroom was pretty much coming up from improper installation.  So I did what I do best: I started picking at it and pulling it up.

DSCN1429The halfway point, when the tiles became much harder to remove revealed two disturbing things.

  1. The “first” layer of vinyl was even more hideous than I remembered. It was just one HUGE sheet of green vinyl from the 1980’s.  Just…wow.  DSCN1437
  2. For the first two years of her life, Maddie did her business in the bathroom.  Her litter box obviously had a leak, because when I started pulling up the tile, the most disgusting ammonia smell hit me and a layer of congealed cat business got all over my fingers.  I was so grossed out, I washed my hands twice and then put on gloves.

So, there I was pulled up tile by tile and scrubbing at the nasty cat smell with several rags and bathroom cleaner but the smell nor the sticky from the top layer of self adhesive tile went away.  So, I decided that I would wait on the calvary (AKA Tim) to arrive before I really started pulling it all up.  Besides, I had cut my fingers in the tile removal process and I didn’t want to catch an infection. I am a warrior.

DSCN1439To painting, I went.  And THAT was pretty much an hour and a half long job, cutting in and rolling.  The color change is so subtle unless you are looking at this picture from me cutting into the trim and corners.  It’s a night and day difference from the baby blue that was on the wall.

DSCN1442I made use of the blue tape only only the bottom trim and the cabinet.  The top was relatively easy to cut into.  I just kept a wet rag handy in case my grip on the brush slipped.  I also painted around the outlets and lamp, since I couldn’t get it out of the wall.  Knowing my luck, I would have killed myself.

After I was done painting, I got a text from Tim and he brought himself over to help me pull out the floor.  Since the layers of vinyl were relatively easy to cut, we just used a utility knife.  There was a ton of sweat involved, since there was absolutely no air conditioning in my house.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, the freon is out in my air conditioner.  This is the 4th summer in a row that something is messed up with that stupid HVAC system.  It’s always something right?

DSCN1443We pulled up as many of the top tiles we could so cutting the green monstrosity out would be simple.  What we found underneath TWO layers of vinyl was yet another layer of vinyl.  Le sigh.  Of course, this explained quite a lot: why the bathroom door won’t shut for example.  We hauled the smelly, sticky heap of vinyl to the dump and I took probably one of the best showers of my life.  I am sure that I had an inch thick layer of sweat, congealed cat business, and floor adhesive and paint on me.  Oh yes, I was a sexy beast.  I really should start taking photos of myself right after a DIY project.

Once I was clean, we evaluated what to do with the final layer of vinyl.  Tim and I both agreed that it was a vast improvement over the green; whatever the previous owner was on when they decided to put in that green floor is beyond me.  The biggest problem currently is that it has a thick layer of dried glue attached.  Off to Wal-Mart we went to purchase glue remover and a scraper for me to get down in the floor and scrape away.

So, here’s where we started:

DSCN1406 - CopyAnd this is where I finished this week:

DSCN1444And yes, my back is totally shot.  I couldn’t even move this morning.  Again, it’s a very subtle color change, but it just seems a smidgen more grown up.

DSCN1447The floors will be fixed up this week.  I am keeping an eye on a potential toilet leak that I may need to get a plumber to check out before I put down the floors.  We will see.

Progress Time!

  • Patch the holes in the wall from the toilet paper holder
  • Buy a new holder that can sit on the floor
  • Paint the cabinets
  • Paint the trim
  • Paint the door
  • Update the paint color in the bathroom
  • Add two towel hooks on the back of the door for my robe and guest towels
  • Install new flooring
  • Install new shower head in the shower
  • Install quarter round
  • Hardware on the cabinets
  • Add new art and accessories, including a little curtain for the laundry space

Budget Time:

Paint (Wall and Cabinet): $40.00

Vinyl Tile: $32.07

Spackling Kit: $8

Clean Up Tools: $10

Hooks for the Back of the Door (To Be Installed): $8.75

New Drill:  $19.99

TOTAL: $118.81

BUDGET LEFT: $131.19

I think I will be able to get this finished under budget, provided that there are no significant plumbing issues along the way.

Here’s the awesome video Tim got me to watch while I unwinded in between tearing out tile trips.

My favorite is the first one.

How did you spend your weekend?






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