Better Bathroom Overhaul: Days 3, 4, and 5

Happy Monday, everyone.  First thing’s first, I had an AWESOME weekend in Charleston with my sister and mom as well as her roommate Victoria and McElwee family.  Melanie and I hit the town on Saturday night after spending the afternoon on Sullivan’s Island, and mom and I even got to ride in the convertible there and back.  I got a sunburn on my nose…in short, it was awesome.  I caught this video of Melanie cutting up with Loki her cat and I had to share. 

My sister is too funny.  This weekend really allowed me to unwind from the HVAC system drama but I got back home to one hot house (and not in a good way).  I was wiped so I took a nap and then got to work on finishing up the scraping on the bathroom floors Tim started on Tuesday.  061313141118


It looks like an easy job but the bottle of Goof Off I used was less than efficient and lasted for only half the floor.  I simply refilled the bottle with water and that seemed to take off most of the paste on top of the honeycomb patterned floor you see here.  But the floor is OFFICIALLY scraped and vacuumed and I dare to believe that I can actually get started on laying down some tile tonight.  First I am going to have to touch up some areas that were scraped during the Great Floor Tear Up of 2013. 

First, here’s my system for getting the glue off the floor:

  • Spray water on top of the area and make sure it is saturated.  Let it sit for about 5 to 10 minutes before scraping.
  • Use a putty knife preferably a wide one.
  • Use the edge of the knife and wiggle it back and forth to get under the glue and then slowly continue to shimmy the entire knife under the area. Then take it off in huge chunks.  If you go for straight scraping, you will get tired.


That’s what you want, large chunks of nasty.  You don’t want little pieces. 

It took about 3 days of 1.5 shifts scraping up the floor goop.  But now the bathroom is ready to get the finishing touches put on and it will be like new.  Also, the litterbox smell is officially obliterated. 



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