No Drinks for You, June Follow Up

Well, we are officially in the second half of the year and June is finally over and done with along with my “No Alcohol” for a month challenge.  I am just going to man up and tell you all: I did not complete this challenge.  The first week in, I was rock star with it.  I really was loving how much better I felt and then I had a glass of wine with my mom on a Friday night.  I went for a few more days without it and then there was a trip to Charleston where, yet again, I had a cider during dinner.

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So, what did I learn from the challenge?  Mainly, I don’t HAVE to drink everyday and I relearned moderation.  Despite the fact that, yes, I buckled and had a drink, the fact that I can pretty much list out each and every drink I had in June makes me feel pretty darn good.  I did lose 3.5 pounds over the course of the month, which cements my belief that alcohol does affect weight gain.

During the challenge, I was forced to get a little creative as well with my no alcoholic drink choices.  My favorite concoction was one part apple juice and three parts diet Sprite.  So good, fresh, and tastes like Woodchuck…minus the hard part.  When I did decide to have a drink, I did not beat myself up for it and stopped after one and enjoyed a soda or water instead.  Hanging out in with my friends at karaoke, it was really hard not to indulge a little.

Now that the challenge is over, I am carrying over the fundamentals I learned to this month and the rest of my life.

  1. Water is awesome and I need to drink much more of it.
  2. Tea is great for after work or dinner kicking back on the screened porch. Do this is lieu of wine or beer.
  3. Don’t stock up on alcohol at home.  When it’s in the fridge just sitting there, there’s a higher chance of having more than one.
  4. When I go out with friends, it is okay to indulge.  Just don’t over indulge.
  5. Moderation is key.

I know this post was probably disappointing and boring but it’s truthful.  I am not going to pretend for the sake of my readers that I am over achiever awesome and I actually prevailed.  Mainly because my friends who were out with me would call me on that.  🙂  I would expect them to.  That’s what friends are for.  Of course, they are also there to support me in my goals as well as my delinquency.


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