Better Bathroom Overhaul Day 6

I am rounding the corner of the bathroom renovation.  The final things to do are within reach and will be relatively easy fixes, mainly because my uncle will be helping with them.  By them, I mean quarter round.  As in the previous post, I picked up a pack of vinyl tile at Home Depot for around $35.  This is the beige slate from Traffic Master.  Yes, basically it is the exact same tile I had in the bathroom before.061813182742This is about as far as said pack of tile got me.  Not too bad, but I did have to go back and purchase about 12 more tiles.  I did let them acclimate for several days in the condo, especially since my air conditioner was on the fritz during this time and I didn’t want them to expand too much and then shrink whenever I actually got to lay them down.

061813182755Cutting was actually my favorite part of the entire job.  Okay, that’s a lie.  Just being able to peel and stick the tile without cutting was my favorite part.  I used a utility knife as well as a pair of scissors and several sheets of plain white paper.  I would lay the paper down on the border of where the floor met the impediment and I simply cut along the edge.  Once the pattern for the tile was cut, I laid the piece of paper down on top of the tile and cut with the utility knife.

Lovingly ripped from

Lovingly ripped from

Disclaimer that is not my hand.  Truth is it’s hard to really post the in between if you don’t have someone in the bathroom documenting the reno with you.  So this is actually a representation of what I did.  You’re welcome.

070213103219Once the floor was down, I took it upon myself to reset the wall cabinet.  Funny story.  I bought a new electric screwdriver for the occasion. A $20 one at that. When I opened it, no drill bit.  Nothing.  I was perplexed and ticked off, like a kid who gets the greatest new toy for Christmas but the batteries aren’t included.  I marched back to the store a few days ago and purchased a drill bit kit, which cost e $10.  When I got back home, I was playing with the screwdriver and this is what I found.

070213112941Face palm.  Yep, my powers of observation are astounding.  But hey, at least I have a shiny new set of drills and screw driver heads to call my own.


I finally got the new hardware up on the door as well.  So now Tim will have a place to hang his towels and robe whenever he needs a place to shower.  The water goes out a lot in our neighborhoods.  Its a hazard of living in the city.  Luckily, ours never go out out the same time.  Well played, city of Rock Hill.


Here is the floor all pretty and settled in.  I really need to get new bathmats.  They suffered quite a bit during the renovation and have pieces of glue and debris stuck to them.  Meh.  One more thing to add to the list.


And here is the bathroom (almost) finished.  I would call this “done” but there are still a few more, very small, things that need to be checked off.

  • Patch the holes in the wall from the toilet paper holder
  • Buy a new holder that can sit on the floor
  • Paint the cabinets
  • Paint the trim
  • Paint the door
  • Update the paint color in the bathroom
  • Add two towel hooks on the back of the door for my robe and guest towels
  • Install new flooring
  • Install new shower head
  • Install quarter round
  • Hardware on the cabinets
  • Add new art and accessories, including a little curtain for the laundry space (I am debating on the curtain.  I think it may be a little too “grandma”.  Do I keep it open or do I close it off?

Budget Time:

Toilet Paper Holder: Free

Paint (Wall and Cabinet): $40.00

Vinyl Tile: $32.07

Extra Vinyl Tile: $12

Spackling Kit: $8

Clean Up Tools: $10

Hooks for the Back of the Door: $8.75

New Drill:  $19.99

TOTAL: $130.00

BUDGET LEFT: $120.00

Quite the transformation from where we started:

DSCN1406 - CopyNow we are here:



One thought on “Better Bathroom Overhaul Day 6

  1. Wow! Great job on the over haul! I think the laundry area looks pretty great “exposed”, but if you’re concerned about it, maybe add a wood slatted “door” to it- that could look pretty great as well!

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